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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] idle tick over

    hi i have a 2001 1.0 corsa with an idle problem, ive changed the mass air filter and lamber sensor but it still doesn't seen to be ticking over properly, sometimes cuts out when i stop at a junction or lights, has anyone got any ideas ???? .

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    Welcome to the Forum.

    There are quite a few possibilities for a problem such as this.

    First of all, is the car anything like due for a FULL service? - If so, that alone may well sort the problem.

    Vacuum leaks on the inlet manifold or on the pipe connecting the brake servo would also account for this.

    If there is nothing obvious, I would suggest investing in a can of 'Carb Cleaner' and give the inside of the throttle body a good clean. (there will be a lot of muck thrown out of the exhaust after this. but that is normal.)
    You can also use carb cleaner to spray around the inlet manifold whilst the engine is running - any change in engine speed indicates a vacuum leak.

    If the above do not effect a cure, it would be as well to have the fault codes read - these are stored in the engine Electronic Control Unit (ECU)
    If there are any codes in there, it is as well to note them down, but then clear (delete) them, as some may refer to past problems that no longer exist.
    Run the car for a couple of days and re-read the codes, any codes that show up will probably relate to your problem.
    It is far better to use codes for fault diagnosis, that to start buying parts which may well not really be required.

    By the way, after-market sensors (like the Lambda sensor) are notorious for being unreliable - I would recommend either a genuine Vauxhall or Bosch one.
    By the way, you do know that there are TWO Lambda sensors - One on the top and one underneath the car.

    Do let us know your findings.



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      many thanks for your information i will look at those areas .