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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Stiff gearchange

    We've just started having trouble with the gearchange on our CorsaD, It seems to be temperature related, so on first start in the morning ALL gears are very stiff to engage, it literally has to be forced in. After about half a mile its a lot better and after 5 mins driving they are all perfect. Thought at first linkage but its ok and would affect it all the time, not just cold. Just had the gearbox oil changed which tbh has made it very slightly better but not much, clutch is low to bite and feels good. All gears select ok when engine is off, no noises from gearbox, Im just worried that if i fork out to get a new clutch fitted it could still be something else?


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    If it's not the gear linkage. You would probably fit a new clutch anyway. When you remove the gearbox.


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      Yes i agree its on 100.000 miles so clutch prob near end of its life anyway and if theres anything going on inside it will all get replaced, i've got someone to fit the clutch but looking on europarts there are 2 options for my car depending on gearbox code, just had a good look round but cant see the code anywhere, whereabouts should it be on the box? Thanks.


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        Looking in from the front of the bonnet . It's down by where the linkage is attach to the box near the back .


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          If you feel that you MUST buy parts from ECP, make sure that you buy a decent make.
          A cheap clutch is false economy, as a large amount of the cost is in the actual fitting, so even if the new clutch is 'guaranteed', it does not include the fitting cost.

          From your description of the problem, it may well be that the cause is contamination of the clutch, rather than being worn out, if this IS the case, there may be an oil leak on the engine or gearbox that needs sorting before fitting the new clutch.



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            Its just possible that a sloppy gear linkage could cause problems when the engine is cold, but just cope when things are nicely warm and moving at their best. Must admit i have never changed one but if you can see any play on the ball joints, or feel movement (maybe by grasping the joint with your hand) and you believe it needs changing its best to do this first. You might get lucky. Another of my cunning plans (never having done the job) is if you suspect there is play bind the ball joint joint with strong elastic bands (maybe a pound- shop cycle inner tube cut up into bands). This is not a cure but if it improves things it suggests the linkage is sloppy.
            If its not the linkage it could be the clutch, (either worn or oil contaminated) or the clutch hydraulics is struggling to release it fully. This makes putting the car into gear difficult. This might be a leaky master cylinder (which can be checked without removing the gearbox) or a faulty clutch slave cylinder which is a gearbox 'out' job . With this much labour involved its good workshop practice to replace the clutch whenever the gear box is dropped, and to replace the clutch save cylinder at the same time. And any leaking oil seal replaced. Budget quotes for a clutch replacement might skimp on this (and the quality of parts) , which offers an attractive price but may be false economy. Or the need for the sensible extra work is only revealed to the customer mid job.

            ECP for parts? I recently bough new Brembo brake discs and pads for my Yaris, and a couple oil filters (one yaris,one Corsa) ECP seemed attractive, with a discount on Brembo. By searching one of the 'Discount code' sites I found ECP had a 37% 'weekend' discount (great I thought) and a 50% discount for new customers (even better I thought.) All with free postage

            But I found that AUTODOC sold the same parts 25% cheaper than ECP 's "50 % discount" price. Even after adding Autodocs standard £ 8.75 postage charge. (which may be a factor for small orders) I'm not necessarily recommending AutoDoc. Despite their web site they are based in Germany, and although the parts arrived quickly from Germany things might be blighted by Brexit. But it does show that cheaper prices may be possible if you shop around. And to be fair ,for some parts, ECP may offer the best overall deal.


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              Thanks for your help with this one, we decided to get a local clutch and gearbox centre to look at it, they fitted a clutch kit for £280 then had trouble bleeding it, so another £180 for new master cylinder fitted (which was probably the problem all along), all ok now, bit gutted about paying for the clutch but tbh its on 100,000 miles now, no other issues with car in last 4 years, and we actually tow a caravan with it! - Yes, a 1.2 corsa towing a caravan!!"


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                WowTowing a caravan. I Think if you would of told us that . We would of definitely told you to fit a new clutch. So I think money well spent on a new clutch. Which I think is a good price for the clutch and fitting. Thanks for letting us know that it's all sorted.


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                  Aw thats nothing. I recently saw a Citroen 2CV towing a caravan on the autobahn. 602 cc twin cylinder aircooled engine,with 29bhp. The caravan was an eccentric design, but pretty much full sized.


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