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Key Barrel + replacement

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  • Key Barrel + replacement

    Hey people, I hope you're all in the dry today...

    I have an ongoing problem and I'm at the latter stages of sorting it out...

    I have a replacement ECU Kit from Ebayland, I have all the components on excepting the Ignition and housing.

    I want to know can I just swap the barrell, or is the ECU and system coding built in to those little black boxes on the end of the ignition barrel ?

    Here is a pic of a similar housing... do I need it all or just transponder ring and swap the barrel ?

    Thanks in advance

    ignition housing

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    You only need to swap the transponder ring that comes with the doner kit . And key.


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      Restorer you come to the rescue again... is it only me and you on this site do you think?

      Thanks for that... gonna dash out now in the dark and put your experience to the test.

      Oh do I have a story to tell about ECUs and the perils and pitfalls of wannabe mechanics lol.

      Thanks again