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2010 corsa van fuel trouble

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  • 2010 corsa van fuel trouble

    Evening guys

    my diese van died on me the other evening. That day it was running real rough and wouldn’t rev much so very slow to drive. My garage is saying the high pressure pump has sucked debris out of the fuel filter into it. Does this sound correct as I thought a filter was to stop this happening? A new filter has been put on but it still won’t start. Any feedback is much appreciated
    many thanks

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    The HP pump does not 'suck' at all, fuel is fed to it from the low pressure pump.
    That said, it is quite possible that your HP pump has become contaminated - and one thing that they cannot tolerate is dirt.

    Filters need to be changed on services, NOT when they have become blocked, so it is possible that dirt has entered the pump BEFORE the filter was changed.
    Changing the filter after the pump was contaminated, is a bit like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.