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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Changing rims and tyres

    I have currently got steel wheels on my corsa d van they are 14" with 175 70 r14 tyres. Can I put 16" alloys on with 195 55 r16 tyres on. I know the new rims and tyres are ok regards height  .1 % but not sure if offset will be ok.
    Can anyone let me know if they are going to be ok.

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    I cant say which wheels/tyres will definitely fit. I believe Corsa C steel rims have an offset of ET 49 , while Corsa D wheels have an offset of ET 39. You will probably find the ET stamped onto your steels. IIRC Genuine Vauxhall alloys are about ET40 but aftermarket universal types could be quite a bit different. (and will probably also need spigots to adapt the bore to 56.6mm ) I believe a difference in ET of about 10 (mm) is not normally a problem and some cars might accommodate more . But 16" alloys normally have a wider rim width - possibly 6J rather than 5.5J - and wider tyres and these might need a significantly different ET.

    Sorry if this is vague and just confirms what you know anyway.

    Check out the calculator on this web site. You can enter different tyre sizes, rim diameters,rim widths and off set ET . It will give not only the difference in rolling diameter (as you say 1% difference is acceptable) but also a graphic display on how this effects where the tyre fits within the wheel arch, whether its sticks out too far and could foul the wing, or too deep and could foul suspension struts etc.


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      Thanks for that info.
      Just a quick question to anyone that may know.
      Did the compatibility of corsa alloys change between years. As I've seen a really nice set on fleebay but they are off a 2008 and my van is a 2012.


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        2008 and 2012 are both a Corsa D . So should have the same hubs .


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            This is the mating flange of wheels