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Leaking Injectors or something else?

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  • [Corsa D] Leaking Injectors or something else?

    Hi all,

    New member here with limited car knowledge!

    I have owned a 2012 Corsa-D 1.3 CDTI Eco-Tec for 3 months now and today have seen a problem around the injectors which is concerning.

    I had the car looked over by my mechanic before buying the car and it all looked nice and straight, 90k, all motorway miles from 14k, 2 owners, full service history, very good condition and everything seemed great.

    It flew through an MOT in September with no advisories at £54 then spent £250 on a full service, oil change, fuel filter, oil filter, pollen filter, etc.

    All been running smoothly, then dickhead here put 20 litres of Petrol in it daydreaming (I use petrol cars for work) I didn't start it, AA took it to my mechanic, all drained and back working fine with no issues.

    Yesterday my wife was complaining she could smell oil while driving, and the day before I took the car on a 40 mile round trip and I thought the same.

    After looking under the engine cover today, this is what I have found (please see pics).

    Around 2 of the injectors, there seems to be oil deposits that are solid. There doesn't seem to be any pressure being lost or showing a current leak, but this does not look right to me and seems to be the cause of the smell. I am really not sure how long this could have been happening for and would have hoped my mechanic would have seen this on buying unless this is new.

    I was hoping for a bit of advice please, before taking it to my mechanic on Monday.

    I have to use the car tomorrow to do another 40 mile round trip but not sure if that's a good idea?

    The car drives fine and have not noticed any discoloured smoke from the car, so any help would be very much appreciated, thanks!

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    Hi Welcome to the forum. I knew before I looked at your photos, this was going to be , as we say in the trade . The black death. Why it's called  that is because the seals are leaking on injectors. And if the injectors are not removed and the seals are replaced. The leaking Diesel turns to like a tar and completely welds the injectors into the cylinder head. And you just can't get them out. Let's hope they haven't been leaking for to long. Surprise the mechanic didn't spot the injectors leaking. And I don't think he will want to change them. Take it to a Garage that specialises in Diesels.


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      In addition to the above, it’s not the injectors themselves leaking, it’s the combustion chamber leaking where the injector seat is at its base, there’s a copper washer fitted below the injectors normally 3-4mm thick that has over time had reduced clamping force and seeped, this then allows combustion gasses, a bit of unburnt fuel and soot like you get in the combustion process to be forced out (diesels work on compression and the injectors are directly in the cylinders so are subject to the v high pressures)
      this then works it’s way up the injector tube and finds its way out of the top like this, it then gets baked hard as this is and makes it a pain to get injectors out (it’s best attempted with the engine hot as it softens the black crust)
      once the injectors are out it’s a matter of cleaning the end of the tube (the seat) and often require the recutting of the base where the washer sits a little to square it up with a greased purpose built cutting tool to catch the shavings
      add new washers and clamp down to the correct torque and away you go, the washers are Under a tenner from dealers, the cost for the job depends on the state of the mess and how long it takes to get the injectors out, worst case (very rare!!) is the tubes that are friction fitted in Peugeot’s (not sure these are the same) in the head get pulled out with the injectors and are not recommended to be refitted although I have done this before with no adverse effects
      its not a massive job, but can be a pain in the arris¬¬†