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2005 Corsa 1.4 SRI Lambda sensor wire colours

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] 2005 Corsa 1.4 SRI Lambda sensor wire colours

    Hi, I have a 1.4 SRI which I love to bits, I kept getting Lambda sensor error codes so I have bought a universal sensor. The problem is that the wire colours in the plug on the car are White, Blue, Yellow and Green. I can't for the life of me find any wiring diagram or reference to these colours so that I can connect the new sensor. Is anybody able to help? Many thanks Paul

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    Welcome to the Forum.

    It is normal for the new sensor to simply plug in without the need to worry about colours.
    Having said that, I recommend only genuine sensors, as many of the aftermarket ones are totally unreliable, resulting in problems soon after fitting, or even from the start.