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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Radiator fan

    Hi my name is Mark Adams i currently own a 55 plate 1.4 sri turbo.My radiator fan kicks in about a minute after its been fired up.Also the temp gauge reads 80 degrees C within about 2 mile.Ive changed the sensor that sits in the thermostat today and its still the same.Any info would be much appreciated kind regards Mark.

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    Welcome to the Forum.

    I take it that the coolant level is OK?

    My first thought on this is that the thermostat has seized in the closed (or nearly closed) position OR that there is loose rubber inside one of the hoses, acting as a restriction to flow.
    Another possibility, is that the coolant pump (water pump) is faulty.

    Suggest that you open the bonnet, start the engine and (with care) hold the main radiator hoses (as near to the engine as possible) one in each hand.
    If the thermostat is working correctly, you will find that both hoses warm up to start with, but then the top hose will become the hottest, then when (if) the thermostat opens, the top hose will become even hotter and the bottom hose may feel cooler.

    If the coolant has been changed or the level has gone down for any reason, there is also a chance that there is air in the system causing an air lock - the heater failing to get hot may indicate this condition.

    A long shot, but worth a check, is that paper or plastic has become stuck in front of the radiator.