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Will DPF regenrate with faulty EGR

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  • [Corsa D] Will DPF regenrate with faulty EGR


    I have a Corsa D 1.3 cdti 75 HP, year 2013. A few days ago my EGR remained blocked in open state. Obviously the car wouldn't drive since gasses were constantly entering the inlet manifold. So I temporarily blanked it with a homemade plate in order to be able to drive home and replace the EGR when I have time. All this happened in another city and my car is still there.

    My question is: Will DPF still regenerate if there's an EGR-related error in ECU? I'm affraid that while driving home the DPF will get blocked due to too much soot. Did anyone blank the EGR without remapping the ECU? Did DPF continue regenerating?

    Thank you.
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    Welcome to the Forum.

    The greatest enemy of the particulate filter, is short journeys.

    I'm unable to give you a definitive answer to your question, but I wouldn't think that it will make a great deal of difference.

    You don't say how far the car is away from home, but in one sense, you could say the further the better, as once the engine is good and hot, the DPF doesn't have a lot of work to do.

    We will see if anyone else has any thoughts on this.



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      Thanks for your answer. Fortunately, I managed to get home and now I can replace my EGR valve without stress

      I read around that if there's an EGR error in ECU the DPF won't regenerate. I can't confirm that by experience since I didn't drive much yesterday. My trip to home was about 25 km long. But, anyway, I wouldn't advise anyone to drive around with a faulty EGR. You'll probably end up with a clogged DPF.

      So, either you remap the ECU to exclude the EGR or else you fix the EGR. Otherwise you'll have a bigger issue - a clogged DPF.