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  • [Corsa D] Timing belt help

    Corsa 56 plate 1.4 done 108.00 fine while driving along , if still with engine running sounds like itís going to cut out ( it has not cut out yet) no warning lights ,but can hear slight tapping noise under bonnett took it to local garage who said probably timing chain and quoted £600 , another garage said timing belt should last lifetime of car and would look at it
    min no use at cars just would like opinions before go pay

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    ONE of these garages doesn't know what they are talking about! The problem is, I can't tell you which garage it is.

    Depending upon which engine is fitted to your car, it could have either a timing BELT or a timing CHAIN - It will NOT have both.

    These engines tend to be a 'bit rattly' and at 108,000 miles, probably even more so.

    One thing that these engines do like, is a frequent oil and filter change, so if it is anything like due for a FULL service, that in itself may well sort out or at least help with your problems.
    If you do have it serviced, ask the garage to clean the throttle body, which could help to overcome the tendency to to almost cut out.

    The Z14XE engine has a timing belt, whilst the Z14XEP has the chain drive.


    PS I would NOT recommend anyone to try and make a timing belt last for the lifetime of the car - these things DO deteriorate and need to be renewed.


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      Your car has a Timing chain. Timing chains tend to rattle especially when the engine gets hot. If you've got a tapping noise it could be the hydraulic lifters. As Walksall say, an oil and filter change could improve the problem. But remember these engine well tap a bit after time .


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        So itís def chain needs replacing gutted as been told need
        new timing chain kit with all new guides, tensioner and gaskets. New oil and oil filter, and new coolant as the water pump has to be removed to do the job.


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          So very gutted brought car 56 plate private sale a week ago and asked if cambelt been done as there is 108,000 on clock he said it has timing belt so donít need changing , after few days started sounding like it wants to cut out when not putting foot on accelerator ( not cut out) and tapping noise u see bonnet took it garage it needs new timing chain kit then guides tentioners , and gasket totalling £400


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            Also the sump gasket , rocker cover gasket and thermostat. Book time is around 5 hours . I normally take about 8- 9 as there is a lot of cleaning of surfaces. And you don't want any leaks .


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              For the relatively small amount extra, I would STRONGLY recommend that you have a new water pump as well - there will be no extra cost in fitting this, yet if you find that you need one further down the line. you will be paying again to have it fitted.
              Fitting a pump at a later date, also carries the risk of damaging the gasket behind it, adding more to the final cost.

              I have to agree with Restorer about 'book times' - these are generally a bit of a pain, as to do the job PROPERLY, more time is required than the published book time. It isn't so much that they are intended to be misleading, but they are written with a NEW car in mind, everything going to plan and having any special tools immediately to hand. In the real world, it seldom turns out like that and you finish up taking longer that the stated time.