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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Air conditioning not working

    Got a 2007 Design and the A/C isn't working and I believe hasn't been for maybe 7or 8 years. My dad (previous owner) did take it to Kwik Fit and paid for a re-gas but it never solved the problem.

    Basically wondering if anyone has an idea of what the problem might be, and what the cost could be to repair it? Would it even be repairable after such a long time not having been working?


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    It may have a leak, but due to air con using gases you probably don't want to be inhaling/messing with it'd probably be best to take it to somewhere that will be able to check it for leaks. I would have expected Kiwk Fit to do that before regassing, but it's possible they didn't bother.
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      With the engine running and the air con switched 'on' plus heater switch turned to position four (highest speed), have a look under the bonnet at the air con compressor pulley (keep your fingers out of it - obviously) make sure that the CENTRE of the pulley is turning - it has a built in, electrically operated clutch which, with the controls set as above, should be turning.
      When these clutches don't engage, it is generally due to low gas pressure in the system, this being too low to operate the pressure switch. It is a protection device, which prevents the compressor from running without gas in the system.
      The DiY cans of gas are not very good, and I wouldn't recommend that you waste your money on them, as suggested above, have a decent garage sort it for you, asking them for a price before they start work, as this type of work can be expensive.



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        Sue the previous owner! . But seriously . What happened when he took it to kwik fit. Did it work for a while after the regassing then stop again? If so it was probably a gas leak. A slow leak may take a few months before the pressure drops enough for it to stop working again. Legally they should check for leaks, not just top it up and hope for the best. They normally put a coloured tell tale dye in the system that reveals leaks. . If it never worked after the gas refill then it may be another problem , in which case Kwik fit should have known this and told your dad there was a problem, not just do a recharge that was never going to fix it.

        Even a gas recharge without any repairs being required is not cheap. But they might be able to do a pressure check to see if it needs doing or whether there is another problem. . This may be fairly cheap, or possibly even a free check. (although there is no such thing as a free lunch, They are hoping for work ) A recharge should last for years, not months. My 2007 Yaris and 2010 Corsa are both still working on their original factory gas charge.

        A system that has lain idle for years might have problems with rubber seals deteriorating.