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Sluggish and engine light coming on

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  • [Corsa D] Sluggish and engine light coming on

    So basically I inherited an old 2007 Corsa Design which I use to drive into work and back (70 mile round trip). Now it's always been a bit sluggish but wasn't really an issue. Just put it down to having quicker cars previously. Back end of last year the engine warning light came on which resulted in a new coil pack and plugs. All was good and I was getting an extra 60-70 miles per tank.

    Miles per tank gradually sank back to what it was before and in June the MOT was due. Failed on emissions and the garage replaced the coil pack under warranty and new plugs and leads, I believe. Miles per tank went back up and felt a bit less sluggish but still not great. Mechanic even commented he thought it was sluggish.

    Lately though the mileage I'm getting per tank has dropped maybe 20-30 miles and the engine warning light has come on a couple of times. Restarting engine makes it disappear. It seems to be when the engine is cold and it's left idling, ie stuck in traffic very early into journey, and feels like it's going to stall. If I keep the revs about 1000-1100 it feels fine.

    Any ideas what the problem might be before it goes back to the garage? I've got a feeling the coil pack won't be replaced under warranty this time, if it even needs changing!


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    I'm not sure what leads were replaced, it certainly would NOT be the plug leads, as your model doesn't have any! ( The coil pack plugs directly onto the spark plugs.)

    Normally, I wouldn't describe these cars as sluggish.

    As the new coil pack, plugs and whatever leads were changed, improved the performance and the MPG, it is obvious that the problem was related to these parts rather than (for example) binding brakes.

    I am just wondering about the quality of the new parts, as coil packs and plugs should last much longer that yours have, and to have the replacements first of all improve things for a second time, only to be followed by early failure again, makes me a little suspicious of the quality.
    Do you trust the garage? Do you know anyone else who uses it and how they have faired there?

    You don't say which warning light was involved.

    I would suggest that you have the fault codes read, rather than just fit new parts in the hope that it will again cure the problem.
    There could be 'historic' codes in there (codes which no longer apply) so it would be better to clear (delete) any existing codes, run the car and see if any codes return after a few days running.

    The condition of the 'business end' of the spark plugs might also give an indication as to where and what the problem is.



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      Thanks for the reply walksall.

      It wasn't leads. Getting confused with my old car.

      Have used the garage for a couple of years and always found them honest. Told me work didn't need doing that Halfords said did. And only pads on partners car when main dealer said discs needed doing too. Gets good reviews from local facebook groups too.

      The warning light was the flashing engine light I think. Whichever denotes misfiring.

      I've not had the problem since, but I have been revviing to about 1100rpm when idle when the car is cold. This also seems to be showing an improvement on mpg.


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        Glad that things seem to be OK now.

        Great news that you have a reliable and trustworthy garage - there are some around, but it can be an expensive exercise finding one - As you say, the multi-chains like the one you mention are, in general, best avoided, as are main dealers. That doesn't necessarily mean that all of the smaller garages are good, so having found one, it is best to stick to it and tell others who may be seeking one.