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  • [Corsa D] Engine oil

    Hi , in need of some advice , I have serviced my corsa 1.2 2013 petrol today but put ACEA A1/B1 in instead of the recommended A3/B3 itís fully synthetic 5/30 , will it need to come out or will it be ok to leave in for now ? I also added a tin of engine oil treatment if that helps , thanks in advance .

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    A difficult one to answer. Who am I to disgree with the manufacturers recommendation. If you are at all worried the safest thing would be to change it. Its not worth risking damage.
    But if the oil you used is the correct viscosity you could maybe remove a couple of litres by using an engine oil extractor pump through the dipstick, then top up with the correct spec.

    As far as I can see the A3/B3 specification is formulated to allow for extended oil change intervals, and for its better cleaning properties required by diesel engines. . I think correct viscosity is the most important factor. As long as the oil used is fully synthetic 5/30 it might be ok for a petrol engine for a while , changing the oil and filter again sooner rather than later. (maybe 6000 miles)

    But then its not my engine , and the oil I use is A3/B3 (although my car is diesel)


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      Diesel engines MUST have a detergent oil, otherwise they will quickly develop sludge, this is partly due to to the cooler running, which takes longer to vapour ise any condensate contamination in the oil.

      These little engines thrive on frequent oil changes - it has been said that the extended drain periods offered, is more of a sales pitch that it is of benefit to the engine. Items such as timing chain and cam profiles last MUCH longer with frequent oil changes.

      My general advice for any engine, is to use the oil SPECIFICATION listed in the vehicle handbook for the operating conditions in which the vehicle is most likely to work.
      NOTE: Oil specification is the long number NOT the viscosity.