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    It may depend on the car but on the corsa D with ignition OFF you hold the reset plunger knob in, and continue to hold it in while you switch the ignition ON . And continue holding it in for a further couple of seconds or so until the display resets to ' ----- ' If you have done this correctly and it still doesnt work, I'm sorry I dont know why.

    I cant remember what normally happens with my car but its possible its normal for the INSP display to come on for just a second or so before going out everytime you switch the ignition on. This happens with other warning lights, to test they are working. It may say in the owners handbook, but mine is in Bulgarian !

    At present the INSP light on my car (2010 1.3cdti) stays on for several seconds before going out , but I think this is because it is indeed due a service very soon. (Thanks for reminding me )

    Let us know the age and engine size, which may affect how things are done.


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      Corsa C 1.0 litre

      I have OPCOM and there is an option for turning off the INSP warning...

      ...but it does not work either.

      I must try the ignition method again. I think I already did, though