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2009 Corsa 1.2 Petrol - oil pressure light

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  • [Corsa D] 2009 Corsa 1.2 Petrol - oil pressure light

    Hi All - new member here

    Need some advice please. I have a mk3 1.2l petrol corsa. The oil pressure light came on over the weekend. I immediately checked the following after being informed by the wife when she got back home -

    Oil level - fine, shows being at required max level
    Checked and removed the oil sensor switch, re-fitted and the oil pressure light remained on

    Checked the the oil filter and it was in poor state - I bought both a new oil filter and a new oil pressure switch, but the pressure switch will not be available for collection until after work today

    I replaced the oil filter and when turning the engine over, the oil light on the dash went off. However it has now come on again this morning.

    I am hoping that replacing the oil pressure switch will fix the problem

    There is no strange noises coming from the engine


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    Hopefully it's the oil pressure switch that sorts it.
    If not had the oil filter broken up? I ask because the fragments could be partially blocking the small oil ways. I would give it an oil change as well.


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      How did you fare?