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Indicator not turning off

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  • [Corsa C] Indicator not turning off

    My indicator on a Corsa C 2000 plate wont turn off after turning then straightening the wheeI. I was told to replace the stalk which I did but it's still the same.
    I did here a snap type of sound before it stopped like something had broken away but I thought it was inside the stalk itself.

    I got reading up and someone mentions a white peg been worn and to drop a couple of drops of superglue on it just to make it a few mm longer but I cant see anything as I cant get my big head in to look from the back.
    had anyone a clue were abouts the problem lies now that ive ruled out a faulty stalk.

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    There must be a mechanism that is broken.

    There are usually two plastic shrouds around the steering column -- behind the wheel and in front of the dash.

    If you remove these, you may see the problem.

    The broken part may even be still in there.

    You might want to consult a Haynes Manual. Not sure if this is even covered in same


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      I've bought a replacement part the plastic "squib" that's behind the wheel. I'll let the local garage do it as it means taking the steering wheel off something I've never done myself


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        Anyone faced with a similar problem should look at the electrical tutorial by Coleman on this site on how to fit a vectra steering wheel to a corsa B. Although the airbag squib and switch modules on the C are different to those on the B it gives some idea of whats involved,.

        I have removed steering wheels on other cars and they can be very tight on their splines , needing a puller.