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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Overheating problem

    Hi all my problem started yesterday morning when my heater blower stopped working in my Corsa D 07 plate. I thought it maybe a fuse so left it till i had finished work but on the way home i started to lose power then it stalled at the lights. I managed to get it started again but by the time i got home the engine was boiling. The coolant in the header was bubbling away so i left it overnight. It sounds like thermostat to me but why did the blower stop working ?. I check the oil and water regularly so i know there was plenty in it. .

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    I dont know the answer but its possible the ecu/ bcm disables the heater fan if the coolant gets too hot. Has it started working again when the engine is cooler.? The heater blower can contribute quite a lot to cooling the engine, and can sometime be just enough to hold off an engine from overheating for long enough for conditions to improve ,eg more airflow, or ending your journey. . Maybe your engine was borderline overheating anyway due to a problem, and the loss of the blower , for whatever reason, was just enough to push it over the top.

    But the engine should be able to cope without needing the heater blower , so while it might seem illogical to disable something that could help for a while , they might take the view its disguising a more fundamental problem, that may soon become rapidly more serious. .

    Your main problem is now the overheating , and this needs to be diagnosed and fixed. Its not enough just to get the heater fan working again.. The heater blower not working might just have been a coincidence , and could be due to a fuse etc.

    You say the coolant is ok because you check it regularly. This is a good idea, and may spot gradual loss early. . But if a major problem has caused rapid coolant loss this might have occurred since you last checked,however recent. What is the level like now?

    W​hat car and engine?


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      Hi Bugman its a Corsa D 1.2. I just checked the coolant level and it was very low. I topped it up and restarted the car , within seconds the radiator fan came on and stayed on for a good two or three minutes after i stopped the engine.The engine block is dry and there is no gunge around the oil filler cap. I just restarted the car again and the radiator fan came on immediately and the coolant started to bubble.


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        Appears there is coolant loss so its not a good idea to run the engine, even for short periods,until the system has been topped up, or serious damage might occur.

        You might wish to top it up as a temporary measure and run the engine to help locate the source of the leak but even this needs to be done with some caution . Also if you refill too rapidly it might cause airlocks. Coolant leaks can boil away and evaporate quite quickly on a very hot engine. You would not necessarily find wet places or liquid obviously spurting out. Sometimes you only get almost invisible steam that evaporates almost immediately. But it usually leaves some light staining from the antifreeze.

        Your mention of gunge in the oil filler cap suggests you are aware of one possible cause a blown head gasket. Also check for sign of emulsified oil (-mayonnaise-) on the dip stick. But there are other causes for coolant loss such as a leaking water pump, leaking hoses, radiators ,heater matrix etc.

        Whether the radiator fan runs or not is closely related to the temperature. Lack of coolant would very quickly register as an abnormally high temperature needing the fan. I take it this is not what you originally meant by the heater blower,


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          Bugman thanks for your advice , no mayonnaise anywhere and no visible leaks so I will book it in today.