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Manual central locking not working

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Manual central locking not working

    Hi there, I have an old P reg Corsa. It only has manual central locking using the key. It's stopped working, and I can't turn the driver's door lock at all. I can only unlock the passenger door. I can't unlock the other doors from inside. I'm wondering if there is a trick anyone knows of to get it working again, or at least to open the driver's door. Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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    Hi welcome to the forum.

    Sorry I dont know much about corsa B door locks/keys If the key has a blip battery I would suggest replacing that, but if its entirely manual it sounds like the lock barrel has broken up. But its also possible the central locking motor in the door has jammed, or its connecting rods become detached in such a way that its preventing the door lock turning.

    Does the car have a central locking/unlocking switch on the dashboard? They often do,as a security measure so you can lock yourself in on the approach of a dubious looking character etc. This might unlock the drivers door.There may be a way of tripping the central locking electrically from its wiring, but I dontt know how.

    You will then probably have to remove the door card (the inner panel) in order to investigate the problem or replace the door lock.

    If you cannot unlock the door in this way I'm not sure how they proceed. It may be possible to remove the door card without opening the door. You could try lubricating the door lock and persisting with joggling the lock with a bit more force. Chances are you are going to have to replace the lock barrel and key anyway, so maybe ,as a last resort you may have to force the lock using a heavy screwdriver,in place of the key like car thieves. Try to avoid damaging the door skin. ( Whenever I do something like this there always seems to be plenty of passers by who spot me doing it. ) You can pick up used barrels with matching keys on ebay etc. The disadantage is you will now always need two keys on the keyring , one for the door ,one for the ignition etc.
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      Hi, thanks very much for your helpful ideas. I'm not mechanically skilled unfortunately so might have to go to the garage if the screwdriver doesn't work! . Thanks again for taking the time to reply Gen


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        Even if the screwdriver works you will need to get the lock barrel replaced. (unless the screwdriver fits on your keyring ) If you are able to wait a while there are a couple of contributors on this site who have more knowledge in this area and might respond. Miss spent youth maybe . Or dynamic young men who have used skill and good taste to personalise and upgrade classic cars to central locking .