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Maybe EGR value issue, idiot light on dashboard and limp mode. garage cannot diagnose :(

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  • [Corsa C] Maybe EGR value issue, idiot light on dashboard and limp mode. garage cannot diagnose :(

    4 weeks ago my Corsa C GL51RNV (2001 comfort 2.1) started bouncing up the road with limited power. I took it to the garage who fitted an ignition coil and spark plug pack.
    It appeared to run fine until the idiot light (amber light with spanner only) started to appear when the car was warm about 50mph, jerking and limping for about 5 minutes with less power, slightly better performance with foot more on gas with a tinny rattling sound like it was struggling with fuel. my 10 diagnostic box was reading fault code 301,302,303
    Naturally under warranty, i took it back to the grease monkeys for inspection.Sods law, by this time and many other times the light always goes out and it runs fine, . They advised they could not fault it as they could not see limp mode but it may be many things including MAF senor, air filter or maybe piston ring wear . After i insisted I was not going mad they agreed to clean the ERG value and pipes and it ran fine for a day with a bit of a whistle. Every other day I have the issue of bounce and disco lights on the dash. There is also enough oil and petrol and I have not used any other combination.

    Anyone got any ideas?! I think they are fed up of me at the garage.. Thanks!

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    Welcome to the Forum.

    Codes P 301 - 303 are misfire codes, so presuming that the new coil pack and spark plugs are of good quality and plugs are correct grade, you should be able to eliminate them.

    As the problem keeps going and returning, you should be able to rule out piston ring wear, as they DO NOT heal up!

    You could take out the air cleaner element and inspect it - If it looks dirty, it needs changing.

    You could also try unplugging the MAF sensor and running with it unplugged - it will still put the warning light 'ON', but if it runs better, it needs a new sensor (buy a genuine Vauxhall one, it might cost more, but the cheap ones are a waste of time.)

    Try clearing the fault codes, run the car for a day or so and see if the same codes return. I would have thought that the garage would have done that, they would then have known that the codes were current ones.

    If it hasn't been changed in a while, a new petrol filter might be an investment.

    Being 'fed up with you' is part of the act - they know that if they are too friendly, you will keep pestering them - It is either under a warranty or it isn't, generally the latter is the case, as warranties on used cars always seem to cover the parts that are not likely to go wrong, but are a bit 'iffy' about common faults.

    Do let us know how you get on.