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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Turbo and intercooler

    Hi, put my 1.7cdti through the Mot yesterday and failed massively. I'd done a few jobs expecting it to sail through. It had three dangerous fails as well. The garage said it had three oil leaks reported. I knew of one, small leak near the intercooler. It's been leaking for a over a year and only needed a litre of oil in a year. Sure from what I've read this wouldn't be enough for an Mot fail. Didn't believe the other two leaks as I've not seen any. Told the garage to get on with the other jobs as needed my car back. Ended up costing me a lot more than the rough quote they gave me. Wish I'd have said to look at the oil leaks first. Funny enough then only mentioned the one I knew about. They told me the leak was coming from the intercooler which is shot at. They said they'd try and get it back through the Mot without having to replace it. Firstly does anyone know a rough price for the intercooler to be replaced? They also said my turbo is on its way out. Know that isn't a cheap job and considering what I've forked out already I probably would have got rid and not bothered with the mot. The car has been occasionally going into limp mode if I'd put my foot down at 70 on the motorway for over a year. I hardly use motorways and drives fine normally. I've had it plugged in and no codes ever come up. Only does it when I've put normal diesel in as well. Surprised they think the turbo is going, even they said how well it drives. I've done over a thousand miles in the last week on motorways and through the Welsh hills with a fully loaded car and turbo kicked in fine. Anyone any opinion on all this please? Wondering whether to get shut of the car if the turbo going and cut my losses. Don't fancy forking out for a turbo and intercooler. Not happy with the Mot tester either, he must of been having a bad day. Car went through on the retest even though none of the supposed oil leaks sorted.

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    Hi Welcome to the forum

    You dont say the the age or mileage but seem to suggest that not having the MOT (ie scrapping the car) was a borderline option

    The mechanics say 3 oil leaks 'reported'. Were these actual MOT failures, or just 'advisories'. MOT testing is subjective. and although he must follow guidelines its sometimes a matter of the testers personal opinion and experience whether something is dangerous enough to fail. Sometimes they report things they spotted that could potentially become a problem in the future as 'Advisories'. It covers their back, as it showed they spotted the problem but considered it ok for now. Also advisories can help the owner of a car that might be on its last legs decide whether its worth getting it repaired. (a subtle hint!)

    If you get the dangerous failures repaired its quite likely the same tester would allow it to pass despite 'advisories' not being done. And if he knows its now going to pass for another year might not bother to list the minor 'advisories' A different tester ,might have a different opinion on whether an advisory should be a fail , or fail it on something else entirely.

    If your car now has a new MOT for another year i'd be inclined to remove it from this garage and see how it goes. Yes maybe the turbo is leaking a bit of oil, and on its last legs. Something else may be causing the limp mode. Stuff may ideally need fixing . But at least you wont be pressurised by these mechanics into expensive repairs .You can seek other opinions,of what really needs doing and how urgently .The car might easily last another year without any repairs, and could even pass its next MOT as well. (or more!)


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      Hi and thanks, it's a 2007 with 80k on the clock. Report only says two engine oil leaks.

      Dangerous defect parking brake less than 50%

      Major defects parking brake has excess movement,
      Rear shocks excess fluid leak,
      Oil excess leak from transmission
      Oil excess leak from engine.

      Replaced rear shock absorbers and rear brake caliper. Added brake fluid and cleaned around oil leaks.

      I've gone under the car today, can't see any oil leaking apart from pipe into intercooler. Intercooler also covered in oil at the bottom. Report from the garage says lots of oil in turbo pipes. Going to put some turbo cleaner in to give it a blast out.


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          Thanks, strangely the car is sounding better than it did before the mot. They tightened the pipe into the intercooler where the slight leak was. Pipe only leaks when car parked tilting towards that side. I've been under and cleaned as much oil off as I can. I've gone through a few turbo diagnostics and mine isn't showing any issues.. Must be oil on the pipe for it be leaking into the intercooler though. Unsure what to do yet, don't want to run it into the ground and it not be worth anything. At the same time don't want to spend more than its worth. Know it's roughly a grand for a new turbo on an astra of the same age. Thought might be cheaper on the corsa or hoped.


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              Thanks, leased a new car once and never again. Had an astra Sri, within the second year problems started. One of the rear brakes eating brake pads. Vauxhall wanted me to fork out for new discs and pads on all. Bought the tool and did the pad myself. Clutch then started to go, again Vauxhall wanting me to pay. Sent the car back and since bought any car I've had. I was intending on giving this car to my wife. I'm waiting for a big compensation payment but could be waiting a year. If the turbo will hold out till then I'd keep it.


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                Actually i have never leased a car and i'm not sure I ever would . I bought my 2007 Yaris brand new and still have it. The mileage I chose to do is my own choice and any repairs, and wear and tear are down to me and I can do whatever I want to it. And all very quaint and old fashioned, I actually bought with my own money, not finance.

                My 2010 Corsa was two years old when I bought it (in Bulgaria) but relatively high mileage for its age (60,000km -37K miles) Its now about average mileage for its age.

                For my next car I might go for 2 year old ex lease with less than 20K miles, but only keep it for 2 -3 years. I hope to avoid the high initial devaluation when you drive off the forecourt.

                All strategies have their pluses and minuses, and I'm still not sure which is best.
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