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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] erratic idle problem

    hi all, have been doing some work for a mates mrs on her corsa b, x12xe, the idle was going from 1k to 3k every few seconds, plugged it in and it brought up maf sensor, idle control valve and closed throttle switch, checked these bits and found the maf was totally shot, got a new maf (bosch) put it on, cleared the codes but no difference, looked on autodata and it suggested the idle control valve, seeing a guide online about cleaning them and that it was a common issue I thought this was bound to resolve it, so stripped cleaned and refitted still no better, went and bought a new icv (bosch) and its better but still not right, its still hunting but now between 2-3k and slowly sorts itself out and will idle happily at about 1k. have been using opcom to read the live data etc and all seems ok apart from the egr valve is reading 1.8v, I hear anything over 1.3 v is too high. I am getting grief from this now, they are unwilling to pay anymore money as nothing seems to be fixing it, have goolged the problem and it seems quite common, with one person having spent 700 quid and still not sorted the issue out. when you rev the car it "holds" the revs slightly and fluctuates once or twice before settling sown again. have tried vacuum hoses, breather hoses, cant find any air leaks, just don't know what to try next. thought I would come on here and try to find out if anyone else has had this problem and sorted it out? cheers

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    Have tried cleaning/replacing the egr valve? Does the Car try to stall when you slow down to a sudden stop?


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      I'd agree with checking the EGR - if you have to take it off to clean it replace the gasket with a blanking plate and have done with it.

      But also check if the throttle body needs cleaning. They can get a lot of muck into them and that can cause this kind of issue. But EGR first.
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        Egr valve