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  • [Corsa C] Gear linkage

    Gears are struggling to go in place and mechanics have said itís the gear linkage. Apparently itís common has anyone had any similar issues? Any advice would be great. 05 plate 1.2 corsa

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    Yes its quite common on the corsa C . Plenty of new gear linkage on Ebay. Buy the one with the two metal small linkages .as these are better than the one you probably have fitted with the plastic ones. Before you remove the old linkage , put the car in third gear . Pull up the rubber gaitor around the gear stick and on the left hand side you will see a 5mm hole ,put a drill down through to lock the gear stick in place. Then Look in the engine bay on top of the gear box there's a plunger with a spring , push the plunger in and wedge something on the end to stop it coming out .To fit the linkage there's a pinch bolt underneath the car . A pin with a clip on top of the gearbox . And a black cap (looks like a top hat) in the middle where it swivels. Try to get the linkage with a new black cap . As there fiddly to get off , so you can just break the cap off.


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      The metal top linkage arm is good. It replaces the nylon Opel/Vauxhall part.

      Get yourself a Haynes manual too.

      There is also a mounting bracket that attaches to the sub-frame, which suports the driver's side (Right hand drive vehicle) part of the gear linkage.

      When changing gear -- usu. 1 to 2 , it can 'bang' against the sub-frame.

      Iti s a poor design. I had to make a rubber gasket/mounting to go between it and the subframe and pack the single screw that holds it with a rubber washer/gasket too


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        If its a diy job or done by a friend go for metal linkages . GM used nylon as its cheaper and self lubricating to some extent but doesnt exactly last for ever does it? If you are paying a professional mechanic try to persuade him to use a metal linkage , otherwise he will probably just use whatever is cheapest from his usual parts supplier.

        You could obtain your own part then get a mechanic to fit it. But there are disadvantages to this. If its the wrong part ,or unusual or difficult to fit you will have to pay for any time that is wasted. If he cant make a profit on the parts its likely to be added to the labour charge. And he may not fully guarantee the job if he did not supply the parts.