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  • [Corsa D] Corsa Design 1.4 2007

    Hi, my 1.4 Petrol Corsa Design Auto has started to surge sometimes and tickover has become erratic, occasionally actually cutting out. Anyone know what could be causing this?

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    Welcome to the Forum.

    There isn't a lot to go on there, but here are a couple of thoughts on the matter.

    (1) Is the car anything like due for a FULL service? This is a basic point, but is quite often all that is required to sort out these problems.
    (2) Rather than spending money on parts that you may not really need anyway, it would be a good idea to have any fault codes read - The car 'stores up' these codes as and when there is a problem.
    The best approach is to note what these codes (if any) are and then clear (delete) them as they may be 'historic' i.e. the fault is no longer there, then run the car for (say) a couple of days and re-read the codes - any codes present at this point will probably point you in the direction of the problem.



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      Thanks walksall. Someone has just advised me to give the idle control valve a clean. Is it a simple job to remove this and clean on a Corsa Design 2007?


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        I would say, "If you can find it, by all means clean it"!

        You could try buying a can of 'Carb Cleaner' (Halford's) and, with the aid of a stiff brush (old tooth brush) clean the THROTTLE BODY (TB) - it is located on the end of the plastic pipe which runs from the air cleaner to the TB - There is no guarantee that this will cure the problem but might be worth a try. There will be some smoky exhaust gas for a few minutes after using it, but this is nothing to worry about.

        If this does not cure the problem, I would suggest that you get the fault codes read, as I said above.