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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] handbrake + rattle

    Hi i recently purchased a corsa c last month for cheap, i have noticed that the handbrake only clicks max 3 times can mainly only get it to click twice, it doesnt hold the car atall even on the slightest hill, just wondering if anyone has any ideas on what it is i was thinking about maybe just renewing the shoes and drums seen a few on ebay where you get shoes, drums and wheel bearings are these too cheap any specific ones to go for?
    also started to hear a rattle coming from driver side its only when on bumpy roads/going over speed bumps here it, can feel a vibration through steering wheel when it rattles thought maybe a drop link or something but not sure. any ideas + comments are much appricated thanks guys

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    Try adjusting it first or investigating what the problem is?

    Maybe the shoes need adjusting. Usually self adjusters but may not have adjusted.

    You will have to investigate


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        Had the same problem with my corsa c after I bought it.This is what I would suggest,jack up the car and put on stands rear end,release handbrake and remove rear wheel.Have a good check to see if your h/b cables are intact,if all is well release some of the adjustment from the cable underneath the h/b lever gator.Now remove one of the rear drums and check the shoes for wear and nothing has broken or fallen off.If everything is as it should be,give it a good clean without breathing it in.On the adjuster rod with the serrated brass nut make sure this turns quite easily,if not,remove clean and lubricate to make it easy to turn.What I would do is to turn it a half turn at a time and keep trying on the drum until it turns but with some resistance from the shoes.When your'e happy with this make sure that the little plate that adjusts the shoes automatically sits and engages on the adjuster nut.Refit the drum,and do the same to the other rear.After this is done adjust on the h/b lever nut until you are happy.3 or 4 clicks is fine as long as both sides are free when you release your handbrake.With any luck this should give you a good working handbrake.On the other hand,if you find the linings down to the limit renew.


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          Thanks I'll have a look on monday or Tuesday get back to yous thanks again


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            Not exactly sure about corsa C, but on corsa B handbrake cables are fed round a guide to each wheel. These guides are on the rear axle. If not sufficiently greased, the cables can rust in this guide and sieze. It may be worth checking these before you start taking drums and shoes apart.


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              Agree Santa they are the same half moon shaped and if greased they soon build up with road grime and can snap. clean and re grease is a good shout.

              If you do remove the drums DON'T take the wheel off easier to remove centre dust seal cap and just go straight at the main drum / bearing nut. But would buy these when removed as they never sit on right after you remove them:


              You can get these cheaper mind.


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                Thanks guys I'll let yu know how get on