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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] fuel/wiring problem

    2004 1.3 d ,has stood for 6 months ,wont start, did a full check fuses etc,fuel pump stuck, fixed ,now when I switch on plenty of fuel at tank end, but none at filter end of the pipe, nothing blocking the pipe,does it need a cranking feed to the pump,not sure what the 4 wires to the pump are for,car running ok before being left,(sorry for being so long winded but wanted to tell the whole problem)
    Thanks for any info

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    Welcome to the Forum.

    First of all, the four wires are for the pump itself, and for the fuel gauge sender unit.

    If I am reading your post correctly, it seems that you are saying you have replaced or somehow repaired the pump and that there is fuel being delivered straight from the pump, but that it is not reaching the filter inlet?
    Even if the pressure was low, I would expect to see some fuel reaching the filter, but as you say that there is no blockage in the pipe, it would suggest that the problem lies with the pump. What actually do you mean when you say that the pump was 'stuck' and what was it that you did in an attempt to rectify the problem?

    As you probably know, Diesel fuel can 'wax' in very cold weather (especially if it had summer grade fuel in it when you last used the car) - I am just wondering if there could be some residue in the pump - but then you wouldn't expect to be able to get fuel from the pump at all.

    I can't recall the wiring colours, so if someone else has a diagram, perhaps they could help you to identify the pump wires from the fuel gauge ones.



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      Hi thanks for the reply,just to back track,took the fuel pump out ,put live battery feed to it ,nothing but sparks,give it a few wacks and it was spinning merrily away,put it back into the tank ,switched on and fuel was pumping out of the outlet ,the 4 wires to the pump - thick blue/ red -live when switched on ,2 brown -earths ,1 thin blue/red -not live with ign. on ,not live when cranking ? tried to pump fuel into the filter housing with an oil can -no joy,just tried it again with the dreaded easy start -ran with it but stopped as soon as it ran out,not sure if it has to have live feed when cracking,as it has stood for several months with battery dead could it be ecu


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        It sounds very much to me as if the pump just isn't delivering enough flow to reach the filter.
        It shouldn't need any extra electrical supply whilst cranking, the purpose of that pump is merely to feed fuel to the high pressure pump.

        We still need someone with a decent wiring diagram or at least wiring colours to be able to identify the blue/red wire, although, as you have had the pump running, it would suggest that the problem is NOT in the wiring. or supply.



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          going to try and fill the fuel filter and the pipe from the filter to the tank with fuel and see what happens, seems strange that the thin wire is neither live or earth


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            Hi Again,looks like a tow job,put battery live to fuel pump ,gushing fuel to the filter ,still no joy,can,t see a bleed screw anywhere,are these self bleeding?Just had a look at the pipes from the filter ,they go to a unit which looks as though it,s connected to the cam shaft what does it do?


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              I think that you are referring to the fuel injection pump.

              The system is said to be 'self bleeding' but it can take some time for the engine to start if there is air in the system.

              You can hep it along a little, by slackening off the pipe union on the injection pump (the one from the filter), turn on the ignition momentarily, or until fuel flows from the union, tighten the union and attempt to start the engine.

              It is all too easy to overheat the starter motor by continued use, so ten second bursts with a pause in between may be a safer option.