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  • [Corsa D] Clunky sound....

    Hi all-
    had my car 3 weeks now- 57 plate breeze. Now Iíve noticed the last couple of days that there is a clunky or knocky sound near the front, underneath the car when I pull off somewhere or turn the wheel! Anyone have any idea what it could be? It doesnít make a sound when Iím driving or when Iím braking (apart from the odd squeak) i know the car hasnít been used for a long time before I got it. If anyone can shed any light - thanks Iíll book it in to a garage tomorrow!

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    Welcome to the Forum.

    Its always difficult to decide on these noises without actually hearing them.
    There are quite a few possibilities including:

    Loose road wheel bolts.
    Warn C/V joint(s).
    Warn wheel bearings.
    Warn swivel joints.
    Broken road spring.
    Faulty shock absorber.
    Warn ARB bushes.

    As you say that the noise has only been there for a couple of days, it is more likely that something has broken or come loose, rather than actually warn.

    Please do let us know what it turns out to be.



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      Thanks for the reply! Garage looked at it today - had it up and drove it and typically it didnít make a sound! Could it be brakes? Last mot in Feb came up with advisory for rusty brakes and it only happens once car has been stationary then goes!


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        With disk brakes, the pads are in constant, very light contact with the disk. If the disks are LIGHTLY rusted (say when car has been standing overnight) you may hear the surface rust being polished off by the pads whilst driving.
        With rear drum brakes, whilst the brakes are 'off'', there is a clearance between the brake linings and the drum, so any surface rust inside the drum will only be polished off whilst actually braking.

        However, polishing off this rust would generate a 'rubbing' sound rather than the 'clunky knocky' sound that you describe.

        As you say that the car hasn't been used for a 'long while', it might be worth removing the rear brake drums and cleaning out any deposits, which in any case can act like ball bearings between the drum and the linings, reducing the effect of the brakes.