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Corsa D A14XER - Loses power and smokes

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  • [Corsa D] Corsa D A14XER - Loses power and smokes

    Hi, I need help.
    Corsa D (A14XER) came into my shop with overheating problem. Head was all removed, skimmed, all in good condition and went back together perfectly. Timing was done with the correct locking tools. Fired up first time and was idling perfectly fine. Took it for a spin, and drove fine until it was put under load, then lost all power, juddered along and kicked out a lot of smoke.

    Everything seems fine during idle, then when put under load, same issue occurs. Feels like a misfire. Replaced the Coil pack with no improvement.

    Took it to the agents for diagnosis. They said the ecu is damaged and needs replacing/reprogramming. (R18K)

    Any ideas.

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    Welcome to the Forum.

    It seems something of a coincidence that the ECU should choose to fail at the same time as you have done the cylinder head work - unless some electrical connection was wrongly made.

    These engines are a bit notorious for being VERY slow fillers of coolant, the only way to avoid air locks, is to almost 'dribble' the coolant in. Has the coolant level fallen since you did the work? If it has, it may have been due to an air lock.
    If it has been driven with low coolant level, there is always the possibility that it has warped the head again.

    It might also pay to re-check the timing, as if it has jumped a tooth, that alone could produce the symptoms that you describe.

    Has it thrown up any fault codes? If it has, I would suggest that you clear these and see if they reappear after driving it.

    What colour is this excessive exhaust smoke?