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Rattling/noise from inner front of vehicle engine bay area

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    Yes. Bricks can suddenly shatter. Even concrete bricks and blocks, rocks etc are risky. Blocks of wood are safer , unless they too are weak from woodworm, dry rot etc!

    The normal good advice is to use axle stands. But I'd go further and say you must be 100% sure your hard standing is really strong. Its not unknown for a 'bodgit and scram' driveway to subside into a void under concentrated pressure. And I know from personal experience that my ability at laying crazy paving was good enough to support a VW beetle on axle stands, but it was not good enough to support a 1953 MG Magnette ZA (as used by the doctor in 'call the midwife - so my wife tells me.) That could have been really nasty. And also be sure the car is supported somewhere solid that cannot itself collapse due to thin metal or rust etc.

    I always take a belt and braces approach, and will often put the spare /removed wheel under the car so if all else fails and the car collapses or topples off its stands there may be just enough clearance to survive.


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      Yes ! that's why not bricks - especially as you have to lay under the car to check the joint.



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        Thank you both for the valuable advice


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          Bugman - They don't make 'em like that any more (the Magnette that is)!
          Like you, I put the removed wheel under the car - 'just in case'.



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            Guess what? After all my work -- I changed the oil at about 05:00 this morning -- it failed the NCT (=MOT) this morning (Sunday appointment).

            It failed on one thing I missed: Nearside coil spring damaged.

            BUT perhaps this was causing the noise even though I thought it emanated from the front.

            We will see.

            Do the springs have to be replaced in pairs?


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              Traditionally, road springs were always replaced in pairs, but these days, with so much pot-hole damage, (unless your roads are very much better than ours) it has become common practice to replace only the broken one.

              I take it that you are referring to a rear spring? At least easier to replace than the front - Suggest that you soak the fixing bolt in 'Plus Gas' or other good penetrating fluid and leave it for an hour or so before attempting to remove it - Tapping around the area with a small hammer helps the fluid to find a way in.

              Let's hope that the broken spring is responsible for the noise - At least, whatever it is can't be very serious, or you would have had TWO failure points



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                Yes, The rear nearside coil spring. Thank you as ever for the tips!

                I am just worried that if I replace one, it will failed the test on imbalance as the new one may be stiffer than the older one on the offside, desoite the two being fine.

                They are not so expensive. I see ones form Monroe for about Euro 50/pair.

                I a happy that it failed on something unrelated to the work I did. that would have been demoralising.

                A bit annoying that I stripped the front suspension only for the back one to evade my attention. I would not mind only I had the rear hubs off too to clean/adjust rear brake shoes.

                The wheel alignment was spot on. I used a Trakrite wheel alignment tool to align the wheels after playing about with the front suspension (also did the outer tie rods some time ago and aligned then too)

                Allowed is +/- 14 m/Km

                Mine was 0.0 m/km


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                  Don't beat yourself up about not spotting the broken spring, quite often it is the very end of the coil that breaks off and difficult to spot, in any case, remember that the tester is working under ideal conditions, rather than grovelling about on his back.

                  Those side slip tracking gauges can be quite accurate, a company called Weaver made one donkeys years ago, and they were quite OK - the only problem with it was that you needed your 'Wheatabix' in a morning to be able to pick it up!



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                    I thought they were having me on. When I took out the spring, I thought only a little bit was broken from it.

                    That is, until I saw the offside one and how much was actually broken from the nearside...

                    I have two on a corsa B (86k Miles) that are complete and a match as on the car since the factory, so I might out them on and save buying one..

                    The B ones are a tad different form the C but two together should be ok.

                    My Trakrite is plastic. Pretty good buy, I think...

                    Ebay UK for about GBP 36

                    I did burn a couple f tyres before I got around to tracking but that is how one learns, I guess...


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                      Glad you are sorted, by the way, Tie-wraps are brilliant, especially for securing batteries.


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                        Noise is NOT sorted. Still coming from the front.

                        Suspecting drop links.

                        I took them off and they were easy enough to move around in the ball socket.

                        I assume that is wrong


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                          Sorry mate, yes drop links are the usual culprit. At least they are cheap and easy to fit. Good luck.


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                            Thank you.

                            I am going to buy Meyle drop links. I saw a video relating to a Volvo and they were recommended. Much thicker stem than the usual aftermarket ones.

                            We will see if those for the Corsa are the same.

                            The -- I assume original -- Delphi ones are on it at the moment (171k km/107k miles)

                            One of them is definitely squeaking so it may also be the noise culprit. I swapped the links around so now the squeak is on the nearside when driving over a bump.

                            However, i do get the noise at standstill when engaging the clutch.

                            It was written here to check the gearbox mount (can be problematic on Corsa C) but it looks fine. Inserting the prybar could not uncover any appreciable play either...

                            Maybe I did it wrong.

                            There is oil in the gearbox, too (also mentioned in an earlier post). About 20 mm under the inspection hole.


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                              Passed test this morning. No imbalance on rear suspension using two Coesa B rear coil springs (from the same car)

                              Currently changing the cabin filter.

                              Someone had a 'Wix' filter in it.

                              Now she is getting a MANN Acitve Carbon filter.

                              The difference in weight alone is more than noticeable.

                              I also packed the flimsy clips that hold the filter in.

                              The WIX one was rattling in it. Maybe that was the noise?

                              Long run coming this evening. We will see.

                              Filters? MANN!


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                                Fingers crossed then.

                                I once had a honorific noise that took a bit of locating, but eventually traced it to a spurious air cleaner element that was resonating at certain rates of air flow.