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Corsa C 1.2 petrol. Struggling to start and juddering

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Corsa C 1.2 petrol. Struggling to start and juddering

    I bought my Corsa Club (2008, 1.2 petrol) a year ago, and didn't find any issues. Within a few months it started to struggle when I tried to start the car, and occasionally miss fired. I've since changed both the coil pack and the spark plugs (as advised by the garage). However nothings changed and its still struggling to turn over and very juddery for 1-2 minutes afterwards.

    Any advice would be massively appriciated


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    Mass air flow meter can always be problematic on Corsas.

    One needs the genuine Bosch part as cheap ones can quickly fail.

    If you had one from a spare (but it may have problems too) you could check


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      When you say that 'it struggles to turn over', are you saying that the starter motor is struggling to turn the engine (as with a flat battery)?

      If this is the case, I would suggest that you charge the battery, allow it to stand for at least twenty four hours and then connect a voltmeter (multimeter set to 'volts') across the battery, disconnect the coil pack (to prevent it from starting) and have an assistant turn the key to the 'start' position, during which time the battery should deliver at least 9.5 Volts.

      The next check would be to connect your meter between battery positive (+) terminal post and the starter motor main terminal. With the starter in operation, the meter should read a MAXIMUM of 0.5 Volts - anything higher indicates high resistance in the connection between the battery and the starter.
      You could then check the earth connection in the same way by connecting the meter between the starter motor case or the engine itself, and the battery negative (-) terminal post. Again 0.5 Volts Max.
      Any high readings are likely to be due to a poor (dirty and/or loose) connection, or a cable that has broken strands.

      If the problem isn't due to low cranking speed, it would be as well to get any fault codes read. It is generally best to clear (delete) any codes after making a note of their number, using the car for a day or two, and re-checking for codes. This is because codes can be 'historic' - meaning that they no longer apply, but have not been cleared - any codes returning then would probably point to your problem.



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        Thanks for your replies, I'll get this checked out at the weekend. Some days it's absolutely fine, other days it really struggles to start and build up power in the lower gears when I move off.

        Kind regards


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          If the car has 'good days and bad days it may be due to fuel/air metering being too rich or too lean on start up . This may be dependent on ambient air temperature .It might be too lean for cold weather but ok if its warmer , or the opposite, rich enough for cold, but too rich for warm.

          This is not an area I know much about, It could be something like a faulty temperature sensor reading but there are probably other possibilities. As Walksall suggested getting the codes read may highlight the problem.


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            any update?