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Corsa D 2007 1.2 Knocking Issue

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Corsa D 2007 1.2 Knocking Issue

    Hi all

    Just bought my girlfriend a 1.2 2007 Corsa and there's a strange very intermittent knocking sound coming from what I think is the passenger side of the car.

    It seems to only knock when the car is coming to a stop/slowing down under 7mph. But we went a whole 1 hour 30 minute city drive with no noises.

    The receipts in the car say the CV joints, front and rear shocks and brakes were all changed May 2018.

    I've had a look underneath and the only thing I can see wrong is the braiding around the flexpipe is loose. Everything else seems pretty solid.

    Any ideas anyone ?

    Thanks !!

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    Have you checked that the wheel bolts are tight?
    It might also be worth checking that the caliper bolts are tight.
    A bit of a long shot, but worth checking the main hub nut.

    Is the knock there all the time at low speed, or only when the brakes are applied?

    Nothing to do with your knock, but once brake hoses start to look tatty, it is as well to change them. Depending upon how bad that braiding is, it could be an MoT failure.



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      Tyre may have a high spot?