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1.3 CDTI Crank No Start

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  • [Corsa D] 1.3 CDTI Crank No Start

    Okay, this will be a lot to take in, but i need urgent help so please read. I'll make it as simple as i can to show what has happened in chronological order.

    1. One morning car would not start at all. Just clicked in the fusebox and turned out to be a water damaged ECU. Got my ECU replaced and cloned. After Replacement car started straight away and was excellent to drive.

    2. One day later, driving along and the cars engine stalls, just cut out. Went home and plugged OP-COM in and it comes up 3 codes: (P0087-03, P0190-02, P0089-67). Replaced fuel rail sensor as this is what the codes related to. Engine struggled to start in morning and had to give it almost 10 attempts. Drove to work (30miles) and engine did not cut out however i kept below 1500rpm in fear of it doing so. When leaving work, the engine took a long time to start again. On way home i pulled of at a junction and had to give it some gas to get out, seen a cloud of black smoke behind and the engine stalled. Took 20mins for me to start it again. On the way home down the motorway the engine stalled 8times, but then the EML Light came on and it didnt stall after that. Checked the OPCOM again and it was the same codes.

    3. Took car to my friends garage to see if he could see what was wrong. We changed the crankshaft sensor at first but that wasnt the issue. The autoelectrician had a go and was looking at live data. He cranked the engine and it started, but very very loud diesel knocking was occuring. Then it stalled and he said the data was saying 200bar pressure when it sounded like over 1000bar. After that occurence the engine no longer starts. It sounds great when cranking, very healthy like nothing is wrong. But there is nothing firing, no judder as though there is anything igniting. It just sounds like its cranking but there is no fuel there to ignite.

    4. Got car pushed down the road and left it for a day. Got another ECU that was cloned for my vehicle, but the exact same happened, just an empty crank. So now i know it's not the ECU, Crankshaft sensor or Fuel pressure sensor. I also don't think it's the timing chain because there is no rattling noise or anything. The engine sounds very healthy and there has never been any mechanical isses with the engine. I also definately have not put petrol in the tank. My assumption at the moment is that the high pressure fuel pump is at fault, but i need some advice!

    Vehicle Details:
    Model - Corsa D Design 1.3CDTI
    Engine Code - Z13DTH
    Year - 2009
    Mileage - 96,000 (75,000 at September, done 21,000 since then)
    Always been serviced on time.

    Please feel free to ask me any questions and help me the best you can. I'll be available to respond straight away!

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    Welcome to the Forum.
    All of thee codes relate to a fuel pressure problem, so I would have thought that you were on the right track with the fuel rail sensor, but as you are also getting P0089, it could be the fuel pressure regulator that it is referring to.

    The black smoke could also be a clue to the problem, as it indicates either too much fuel or too little air.

    Before you do anything 'expensive', I would suggest that you check the induction system, making sure that the air cleaner element is in good condition and that nothing (paper, plastic etc) has been drawn into the air intake. However, if there were any problems in this area, or anything wrong with the turbo, I would have expected to see P2263 in there at some point.

    Another point is that 'very loud Diesel knock' - This could be down to too much fuel, or it could indicate a timing problem, so it might just pay to check that the timing is correct, rather than rely on the absence of chain rattle.



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      One possibility is a failed injector - stuck open, the fuel system won't be able to maintain pressure. The regulator tries to adjust, but can't and throws a code. The fuel pressure sensor senses the wrong requested pressure and throws a code. The stuck/sticking injector dumps a ton of fuel in causing knocking and black smoke. The other injectors can't atomise the fuel for running/starting due to lack of pressure.


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        Thanks for your suggestions guys. My mechanic told me i could be right about the HP Pump, so i got one from a scrapyard and had him replace that and he told me he got the engine running but its still not perfect. He is going to look this morning as he ran out of time yesterday and is going to call me so will see what he has to say about it.


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          HP pump has made an improvement as the engine starts but only when using easy start. It sounds very healthy when it starts and does across the whole rev range. So now i know that it isnt an injector, timing or air fault. When the foot is taken off the accelerator and the revs drop do idle it jugs and stalls. My suspicions are now on either there being some air trapped in the fuel line or the EGR valve. I was going to use some "Whynns EGR Cleaner" from halfords tomorrow to see if it helps any difference.

          What do youse think, does it sound like the EGR? I'm right in saying it can't be an electrical fault arent i? As i thought once a diesel is running it doesnt rely on electronics.


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            I'd check the fuel pressure when it idles/jugs and at start up.

            You could always unplug the egr valve to see if that makes any difference.


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              In the words of the song, "Fings aint what they used to be." - There was a time when a Diesel engine had no need for anything electric, other than the starter motor - even that was replaced by spring starters, compressed air starting, cartridge starters or a 'donkey engine' on some engines.
              On modern engines, it is doubtful if the engine could manage without some form of electrical aid and it certainly wouldn't comply with emission regulations.
              It could well be that there is some form of leakage on the fuel system - It only needs a small air leak when the engine is standing for long periods, and fuel can drain back to the tank, resulting in an 'air bubble' in the pipe when you next come to start it.
              The engine may well be running on 'Easy-Start' 'till fuel has replaced the air in the system.
              I dislike 'Easy-Start', as it creates a vast amount of local heat, which can cause cylinder heads to crack due to uneven heating and thermal stress



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                Love to see old diesels started by coffman 'shotgun cartridge' starters. . They put a smouldering paper taper in the engine to act as a glowplug, screw in a shotgun cartridge full of gunpowder, and hit it with a hammer to fire it. The explosion turns the engine over enough to start. I might convert my corsa. Here is a video