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Engine stops after starting procedure.

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  • [Corsa C] Engine stops after starting procedure.

    CorsaC 1.2 Twinport, 2006, 155000 km.

    After normal starting procedure engine rews up and dies,second attempt I press accelerator pedal a little and it came to live with a struggle, I give it a rev up. After that it runs perfect, I stops engine and start again and no problem. Are driving and stopping during the day, no problem.

    Next day mybe the same problem or not. No fault codes discovered with OPCOM china clone or pedal test.

    Anybody out there had this trouble, and get it solved ?


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    Has the car had proper full service recently? Some servicing just changes oil and filters, not the spark plugs. Try giving it a good service and in particular a new set of spark plugs .. If it doesnt solve the problem it has at least eliminated one possibility and worth doing anyway.

    Also check the electrical contacts where the coil pack plugs onto the spark plugs are free of corrosion such as white/greenish dust. If so you may be able to clean them up .

    The engine will have left the factory with good quality conventional spark plugs. There is probably no need to use expensive irridium tipped plugs as the main advantage of these is a longer service life .


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      The car has done 25 - 30000 km since it got new plugs and air / petrol filter. Schedule is 40000 Miles. Oil and engine filter everytime when car is put away for the season ca. 5000 km.
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        As the car seems to perform OK at least some of the time, this probably rules out the spark plugs.
        The life of petrol filters depends upon how clean (or otherwise) the petrol is that you buy - You might be amazed at the amount of silt-like residue is collected by the filter.

        When you first switch on the ignition, you should hear the fuel pump 'priming' - this is a buzzing sound that will only last for 2-3 seconds, but should happen before you turn the switch to the 'START' position.

        I would suggest that you listen for the pump before you start the engine - if the refusal to start follows a time when you DIDN'T hear the pump prime, it is telling you that either the pump is faulty, or the electrical connections to it are in poor health.

        A further check that you can make on a COLD engine when it won't start and you haven't heard the pump, is to remove the cap on the valve at the end of the fuel rail (it looks a bit like a tyre valve) hold a wad of rags around it and press the little tit in the middle - petrol should flow out into the rag.
        If there is no or little petrol, it is confirming what we have said above about the pump or its wiring.
        Obviously, it isn't a good idea to smoke whilst you are checking for fuel pressure!!!



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          Thanks for your reply with a suggestion.
          I have tryed out the little rail service valve and discovered this: When the ignition key is turned to pos. 2 the ignition is on but no pressure thru the valve.
          When it comes to pos 3 and the starter is engaged there are pressure thru the valve.
          Is this a proof of any foult with the system and where ?
          Put in another way, shall the petrol pump start already at pos 2 ?


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            There are two things of importance here:
            (1) The fact that there is pressure there at all proves that the pump is working.
            (2) The system should HOLD pressure for a while (10 minutes say) even when the key has been removed.

            The fact that the car runs at all proves that the pump is working, at least some of the time.
            I would suggest that you just drive the car as normal 'till the time comes when it won't start - At that point, with the ignition switched 'off'', carry out the pressure test - If there IS petrol pressure there, then the fault is elsewhere. If there isn't any pressure, it does NOT automatically mean that you need a new pump, it could be down to an intermittent electrical breakdown which could be due to a loose connection or corrosion at a junction .

            The above faults are very unlikely to throw up a fault code.



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              Has now replaced reley K35 Fuel Pump, and for the moment it seems to solve the problem.