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Corsa 1.2 eco Droning noise over 40mph

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  • [Corsa D] Corsa 1.2 eco Droning noise over 40mph

    Hi, Could do with some help. I have a corsa 1.2 eco which has a droning noise when you go over 40mph. Had all 4 wheel stations off the ground and done usual check on wheel bearings but all seem OK. Decided to change offside front as noise seems to be coming from that area but noise still there.
    Anybody on here have any ideas to what it may be?

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    As this noise seems to be from the off side, it probably rules out the possibility of a gearbox problem, although it still might be a good idea to check the gearbox oil level.

    Is the noise constant, or does it change with speed?

    Are the brake discs/pads in good condition?

    Over the years and on various cars, I have come across problems where the air cleaner element has created a noise above certain road speeds.
    I have also found things like plastic shopping bags drawn into the air intake which have also created noise at certain speeds, even without affecting the running of the car.

    As the noise seems to be on the off side, it might be a good idea to use a mechanics stethoscope (or improvise one with a length of wood dowel or a long screwdriver, placing one end IN the ear and the other end in turn with possible offending items (alternator, coolant pump, belt tensioner pulley and air conditioning compressor pulley (obviously NOT when the air-con is running, but when its clutch is disengaged)
    Care needs to be taken when doing the above, to avoid contact with moving parts.