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Snapped glow plug 1.3 cdti 2005 corsa

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  • [Corsa C] Snapped glow plug 1.3 cdti 2005 corsa

    Hi all, my first post and was wondering if I could get some help with a snapped glow plug.

    it's a 2005 1.3 cdti which has a glow plug snapped flush to the head. I drilled out a hole and tried an easy out but that has snapped flush again. I'm wondering if I can drill it out again so it's close to the threads and get a slide hammer and puller. Im just a bit worried it will all fall into the cylinder? Will that be possible?

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    Hi welcome to the forum

    I have never done the job . But having looked at a video I would say there is a very real possibility the whole plug from thread down could indeed snap off and fall into the cylinder if you drilled it out too close to the thread. This could happen while drilling, or later when applying force
    I think even professional mechanics regard it as a nightmare job requiring specialist removal tools, and they might sub contract the work out to a specialist. Even pros sometimes have to resort to welding something onto the broken stump. With a great deal of care you might be lucky , but the consequences of failure would be expensive. Head off, or even terminal.

    Can the engine start and run ok with just three decent working glow plugs? If the broken plug is still gas tight and the ecu allows it this might be an option on an older engine that may not see too many more winters.


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      Hi, thanks for the info. I didn't know it would run on 3 plugs?


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        I dont know for sure that it will. It might throw up a fault code. But glow plugs are normally only needed when starting in cold weather.


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          It works. Cheers for that!