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  • [Corsa C] Corsa (c) Camshaft

    Hi, Have a problem with 2005 Corsa 1.2 Twin port got it from a friend who had the cams replaced after they snapped but not run properly since, on the end of the cams is a number inlet has K1014 & Exhaust K1114 are these correct, if not has anyone got a pair for sale I live near Exeter . He paid cash no questions asked and the garage has since closed

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    I think there is a difference between twin port camshafts and ordinary so it is possible they are the wrong ones.

    They may be part numbers from an aftermarket camshaft makers,. there seem to be quite a few. I have had a quick look at genuine GM, Febi Bilstein, AE ,Freccia, Ajusa and some others and none seem to be anything like it. Are you sure there are no other numbers. I think genuine GM ones have the number along the length,not the end.

    Do you know why the previous cams snapped? They can wear but for both to actually snap might have been due to a traumatic failure elsewhere. Or by breaking may have caused damage elsewhere..The only time I ever had a damaged camshaft ( other than normal wear and tear) was when a snapped conrod went through the crankcase!

    Is it possible whoever replaced the camshafts only replaced what was immediately visible and didnt remove the cylinder head to check for other damage such as bent valves.

    Have you done a compression check on the cylinders? This might disclose bent or damaged valves.


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      Thanks for the reply
      Had a diagnostic done and it showed no2 & no3 slight leak, so valves could be slighty bent, the camshafts are second hand and not sure what they came off, there are no numbers along the length of the cams so I think cheapest option is to go for a complete head.