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  • Tyre pressure monitor system

    Anyone out there having trouble with the tpms on their corsa
    ​​​​​​? On one of my tyres I have to inflate it twice a day. No slow puncture. Vauxhall dealer just said itís because the weather is cold yet my other 3 tyres are ok ??

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    I don't have TPMS on my car, but my old Merc did and it didn't lose air. Having to inflate your tyres twice a day is not normal, no matter how cold it is!
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      Hi Welcome to the forum

      I have yet to experience the delights of tpm systems. But Im a bit confused. If you are having to inflate your tyre twice a day then you are losing air. I assume you mean the actual pressure in the tyre ,as measured by a tyre pressure gauge, is down and you are having to add air. If you are actually losing air then this suggests the tpm is working properly and doing its job.

      If the tpm system is showing a loss of pressure but this is not actually the case then the sensor (inside the tyre at the back of the valve )may be faulty.

      Tyre pressures do go up and down a bit depending on ambient temperature . They will also go up a bit when the tyres get warmer from use, then down again when they cool down. I assume the tpm system allows for this when all four tyres change pressure slightly by the same amount. But if 3 stay the same and 1 alters then there is something wrong.

      If there is actual air loss why do you say there is no slow puncture? Actually twice a day is quite a fast puncture. It doesnt necessarily mean you have a nail or something puncturing the tread.(although when i got my tyres swopped over twice a year from summer/winter it was not unknown to find a small nail puncture I was unaware of. Obvious when its poking through the inside of the tyre, less so from the outside. )

      But the leak could be from the valve. If its through the shrader valve (the bit you blow air through when pumping them up - with a small plunger visible ) you may be able to test this yourself. Put a bit of saliva (or soapy water) across the valve so it forms a complete bubble film. If the bubble starts to inflate the valve is leaking.

      The valve could be leaking where its bolted to the wheel. This is a different fitting arrangement to pre TPM valves but its still basically a valve hardware problem rather than a tpm problem. You may be able to detect it with soapy water. Fixing it is a job for for a tyre technician. (Tyre fitters will be cheaper than a main dealer for this kind of thing )

      Air loss can also occur where the tyre bead seats on the rim. And also leak through the wheel itself rather than the tyre. A cracked or porous alloy wheel for instance. Any recent kerbings or pot hole hits?

      Tyre fitters might use a fairly low tech method of leak detection. Bung the whole wheel and tyre under water and watch for bubbles. I'd be off down the river or duck pond

      Let us know how you get on
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        Isnít it strange that myself and two friends have the same problem with the same tyre, same make and model of car. Next move is to get rid if it and get something different.


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          Erm. Not sure you can blame the make of car . Other makers may use the same OE brand for valves and monitors . and may use the same tyres.

          Tyres possibly. It might be my imagination but I think I have had more problems with punctures and in one case a chunk of rubber being torn away than I ever had in the past. Not just with the corsa, but also my Yaris when I fitted 'eco' tyres. Maybe the Higher tyre pressures and less roll resistant compound rubber they use these days on most cars is more vulnerable.

          When I had to get a puncture fixed in Turkey (on the corsa as it happens, original fitment 'continental' tyres) they found 5 nail penetrations. -I watched the whole time. Maybe they scatter nails at night . Or with hindsight when i found the car in the morning with just enough air left to limp to a puncture repairer, it was the Hotel owner who directed me there. Maybe a scam. Probably not as the cost was very cheap and I know it was done properly.


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            Just happened to have this photo at hand. Its my wife at a puncture wallahs in India. Just the kind of top class garages I frequent!

            Click image for larger version

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              Looks better than my local garage thatís for sure!


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                Bugman I see you drive a Yaris. Iím thinking if changing from the corsa to Yaris- any thoughts on this? Itís for a driving school.


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                  Mine is a 2007 1.4 diesel which I've had from new. I'm not really up to speed on what they are like now. I like my yaris. I prefer it slightly to my corsa .Thats mainly down to the engine. The yaris diesel is more refined than the corsa's 1.3cdti engine (made by fiat) which is quite an old design and noisy by modern standards. I dont know how the petrol engines compare.

                  Although I chose a car for many reasons its usually the engine choice that is the decider. Not necessarily the most powerful, just one that is correct for the car and feels 'right'. And if I find I dont like the car its usually because I chose the wrong engine. . I absolutely loved my first mk1 yaris diesel. But I hired a similar 1 litre petrol one on holiday and disliked it.

                  I am toying with buying a new car,probably petrol this time. I havnt gone as far as going into dealers or having test drives. I considered the Yaris but the current styling is not to my taste,not a good reason maybe but the main one. I thought the fuel tank too small for my needs. (I like a long range so I can chose which country has the cheapest fuel!) Not sure about the engines. The hybrid wouldnt suit me as i do a lot of motorway miles -(are they suitable for a driving school or -are they a bit too ' different' for pupils?) And i thought them a bit too expensive.Toyota have a good reputation for reliability (and apart from a recent alternator my yaris has been good) but some other brands are now just as good,or better, without a price premium. It didnt tick enough boxes for me to remain brand loyal. But I would certainly buy Toyota again if they produced a car I liked..

                  Same is true of the Corsa. I'm not sure I would buy a new corsa at the moment . Certainly not with the 1.3cdti engine. I get the impression it has dated engines and designs that have had a bit of a make over. But If there were an all new design/engines I might buy.

                  I havnt decided what i want yet, But its the ones with new designs and the latest engines that tend to tick the most box for me, rather than old faithfuls kept beyond their sell by date. Maybe I'll regret it!


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                    It seems a bit drastic to change the car for a minor problem - TPMS or not, if the pressure IS going down, then the problem is either with the wheel itself, the tyre or the valve.

                    Some time back, I had some new tyres, one of which kept going flat - no obvious problem at the rim or with the valve, but back at the tyre bay, when the complete wheel was submersed in water, a stream of bubbles appeared from one area of the tyre sidewall.