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Corsa b flywheel question

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Corsa b flywheel question

    Hi guys I got my engine on the engine stand tonight however I had to obviously remove the gearbox and clutch assembly however on removing the 6 bolts for the pressure plate the flywheel moved and can't remember where it originally was, does this mess with the engine timing? There's currently no timing belt on the engine due to me replacing it with a new timing belt kit. Will this mess with the timing on there I've set? Engine is an x14xe.

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    It will obviously have moved the crank position, yes. But when timing the engine back up, part of the process will be to set the crank/pistons to top dead centre. So it's not like you would'nt have been moving/adjusting it later on anyway. I'd be more worried about damaging valves if any are open and the head is still on, moving the crank will move pistons, and could cause collision with an open valve.
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      hi dave, i never used a locking tool with the cam sprockets and after removing the belt i noticed that one of the cam sprockets wasn't lined up with the other ( Pretty sure it was the inlet cam, one nearest the back of the engine), i presumed this was due to it being slightly opened when timing the engine and because of this the springs pushed it back to being unopened. the flywheel moved only slightly, i didn't hear any noise when it moved.


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        If it only moved slightly and without any load on it then you won't have damaged anything. Use the crank pulley markings to realign it.
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          Cheers for that Taurus, it literally moved no more than 30 degrees when I was undoing the bolts for the pressure plate. It moved freely and wasn't any resistance.