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  • [Corsa D] Wobble at 50mph +

    I recently purchased a used Corsa 2013 petrol for my wife (private sale). The car drives fine at city speeds. Pulls great etc. However, there is some play in the steering wheel. Probably a couple of inches each side of 12 on the steering wheel, the biggest concern is that at motorway/dual carriage way speeds. The car is wobbly. Not a vibration but wobbly. The only way I can really describe it is, it's like when you drive on the motorway during a windy period and your car wobbles in a strong gust. I will be getting it checked out this week but are there any particular points I should be paying closer attention to? I've heard track rod ends could be the culprit. Car has done 65k.

    thank you all

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    Hi welcome to the forum. It could be the tie-rod ends , also called track rods . With the track rod ends connected on the end . A common problem on the corsa steering is play in the tie-rod where it fits into the steering rack. If you jack the car up with both wheels off the ground. Get someone to hold the steering wheel. And then try and rock the wheel with your hands position at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock. There should be no movement at all . If there is movement you've got to work out where the movement is . By getting someone to rock the wheel and place your hand on the track rod ball joint by the wheel and fill for any movement. Then place your hand on the bar going into the steering rack and fill if the movement is there .
    hope this helps you .


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      Two inches play at the steering wheel sounds quite a lot for a car with the usual rack and pinion steering. I think play will be found somewhere. Restorers techniques should identify the source. I too suspect tie rod ends , which should hopefully be relatively inexpensive to get fixed .Not that anything is cheap with labour rates being what they are.

      But as a general point whenever a car appears to be behaving strangely with steering ,suspension or braking its always a good idea to check your tyre pressures are correct (especially that they are equal either side on the same axle) Also check that both tyres on the same axle are the same type and size. Its not unusual for someone to put on a spare that has a different tread width and side wall profile. Ideally you should have the same make of tyre with approximately the same amount of tread on each axle. Differences between front and rear axles , is not quite as important.

      When I first drove my Corsa D I found its steering significantly lighter and its response more 'instant' than my Yaris. This caused me to over correct and oversteer at first to any deviations. I dont think thats the cause here, but it might not be helping.

      Let us know how you got on. It may help others

      Incidentally you mentioned it was a private sale. Its illegal for even for private sellers to knowingly sell a car thats in unroadworthy condition unless thats made clear at the time. Proving they knew is difficult ,especially if its just track rods, and probably not worth the hassle trying. But worth bearing in mind if it turns out to be something they probably knew about.
      Easier with dealers. And of course many dealers pose as private sellers,although its not a defence. If you suspect this to be the case ,eg seemed a smooth talking car sales type , or other clues such as the car was not in his name but with "selling it for my granny" type excuses it might be worth having a word with Trading standards who might already know they are a dealer.
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        So I thought I would return with the results. I took it to a Vauxhall garage who said that the tyre pressure was off. So I took the car filled up the air to their recommended pressure and no change. Took it to my local garage owned by an acquaintance (not exactly close just know them through my bro) he took the car home that day. Rang me the next day to tell me that he has never been so effing terrified driving a car in his life. He then told me that cars suspension springs (I think that's what he said) on driver side front and passenger side rear needed replacing along with the steering rack. He said all in I was looking at 320 I picked it up last week and just made a return trip from brum to Bradford to London back to brum and it feels like a brand new car. He did also say the car has definitely had a knock (nothing came up on checks prior to this) may have just been unrecorded. I took it back to him to give it a very thorough once over for safety. Apart from one tyre that may need replacing in near future he said it was safe. So not a bad result. Anoyed about finding out its had a knock. But buyer beware I guess