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External door handle doesn't work-HELP!

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  • [Corsa D] External door handle doesn't work-HELP!

    one of the passenger door handles is not working after i got some body work done. i dont know wt the guy did. i took the door card off myself and nothing looks broken from the inside but i dont really know what it is supposed to look like either but there is nothing attached to the exterior door handle from the inside.. the interior door handle works. anyone know how i connect it back up form the inside?

    need this done asap so any help is much appreciated!


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    What year/model is it? Do you feel any resistance when lifting the handle? I would expect some kind of mechanical link from the handle to the latch, but am not familiar with modern locks, removing the door panel on another door will show you how things should look

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      Itís a 57 plate 1.4 4 door

      yes I feel a bit of resistance. When I look at from the inside though. It just looks like a bit of plastic moving with nothing attached to it to open the actual door, if that makes sense.


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        Good point. I will open up the door on the other side and see how it should look. Excellent idea.


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          Can you not take it back to whoever did the bodywork so they can finish the job properly?