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Corsa D 1.7cdti intermitent issue

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  • [Corsa D] Corsa D 1.7cdti intermitent issue

    ANyone help with this when warmed up I have an issue with this car when the acceleration stops and will not accelerate for a few seconds but does not cut out then continues as normal problem seems to get worse the further I go. If am not idle at the time it just losses power and then kicks back in if keep foot down for a couple of seconds :/ but if am at say lights and it does it then have to put in neutrol and hold accelerator down.

    2007 corsa d 122k 1.7cdti

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    When you say the car doesn't accelerate, do you mean there's no response from the accelerator pedal. Or the engine just dies when you press the accelerator pedal then gradually comes back. If it's no response from the accelerator pedal. it come be the throttle pedal and sensor has started to lose it's signal. Or if the engine is dying then comes back , it come be the EGR Valve. Very common on the corsa Diesel.


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      Its getting worse basically was idlesin this morning after 2 minutes cut out then same again a few mins later. Set off and stopped at junction revs dropped right low and wont accelerate till I turned the engine off and back on. Feels like it as no fuel


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        Maybe it hasnt. When did you last change the fuel filter? How cold is it where you are?. How recently did you buy diesel? If its still summer specification this can freeze at about 0C - Also called waxing or gelling. Basically it goes thick and cloudy with waxes which can clog the fuel filter and other places. . You may have seen the effect in a bottle of cooking oil in cold weather. Winter spec diesel should be ok down to minus 15. This is normally what is sold at the pumps from November onwards but a garage with a low turnover might have had old stocks longer. Normally if you use glow plugs this warms enough diesel to run ok for a short time before the frozen stuff causes problems

        If it s frozen diesel the cure is get the car into a warmer environment, or apply gentle indirect heat to the fuel filter/injectors area. Maybe a fan heater or wrapped in towels soaked in hot water., but be careful of fire risk. You can buy anti freezing additive, but this only prevents diesel from freezing. It will not thaw diesel that has already waxed.

        I am not saying this is the cause. Just a thought. Restorer is probably more on the right lines

        Even so if your fuel filter has not been changed for a while it might be a good idea to change it anyway since it should be done as part of a normal servicing schedule. A dirty filter is more likely to get clogged as a result of waxing. Diesel has a CFPP temperature. That means cold filter plugging point -fairly descriptive. Fuel filters are quite large and important on diesels, and may incorporate a water trap. (I am assuming you havnt got a water in diesel warning light. If so there is normally a procedure for draining excess water from the filter-often listed in the owners handbook as a diy maintenance task.)
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          Welcome to the Forum.

          Like Bugman, my first thoughts on reading your post, was that you have either got water (freezing) in the fuel, or it is waxing.

          If the fuel filter has not been changed of late, a new one could be an investment, as the last thing that you want in your fuel system, is dirty fuel - this would be your cheapest option, but as Restorer says, your 'drive-by-wire' accelerator system could be failing to communicate, - If this is the case, it does not necessarily mean that you need new parts, the problem COULD be down to bad electrical connections.

          If a new fuel filter fails to cure the problem, it might be prudent to have any fault codes read, which could save you money in the long run by avoiding buying parts that you may well not need.



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            Only fault code showing is glowplug circuit other than that none but got the fuel filter changed. Top quarter if that was still yellow but the rest was dark black. New filter in and all seems ok now so thanks both . Should I put some diesel cleaner in the tank to make sure its all ok.

            I bought the car but think it had been stood a while which may have caused the issue I guess with old fuel. I filled it a few days back though.


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              Thanks for letting us know. Glad its (mostly) sorted. Your recent diesel fuel is likely to be winter specification so you shouldnt now need Diesel anti gell/antifreeze. Not sure how easy to get in the uk anyway.
              But a diesel fuel system/injector cleaner would be a good idea. Chose one that claims to work in one dose,even though it may be more expensive. Some of them are only intended to keep an already clean system clean if used at every tankful.

              I'm currently in Bulgaria (see my avatar) where minus 20 is not uncommon (it was minus 12 last night) Some of the newer service stations display a 'snowflake' symbol to show their diesel is now winter spec. But even on a large forecourt this may not appear until late december. Goodness knows what the smaller places are selling. I always add diesel anti freeze additive until I know for sure what I am getting.
              On the plus side decent brand eurodiesel is 98p litre or less(as little as 89p if you're not too fussy.)
              I think petrol is about 89p in decent outlets, not sure what the budget places charge.

              Rip off Britain. Even in Germany and Austria I only paid 1.04 -(off the autobahn. ) On the autobahn they wanted 1.30 in germany and 1.40 in Austria!!! Saved well over 20 on two refueling stops. Top tip
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                It wouldn't do any harm to use a GOOD fuel TREATMENT (rather than additive which you use each time that you fill up the tank)

                There seems to be all sorts of products on the market some claiming to increase the cetane number of the fuel. Not having tested most of these, I can't comment on them BUT - I have used Wynn's products for years and their Formula Gold Diesel Treatment certainly works. It depends though on the state of your system/engine - If it is already in tip-top condition, you probably wouldn't notice any difference, but if your injectors for example are dirty (as opposed to worn out) then this is the stuff to use.

                Long term, better quality fuel is probably the best bet - Shell V-Power takes some beating - but of course, you pay more for it. (Perhaps you could talk Bugman into bringing you some back from Bulgaria )



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                  No chance . You can get Shell here but I dont think they do V power. Even western Brands here refine from Russian crude which is different from the Arabian crude they use in the west. Different sulphur content etc. But Lukoil sell Ecto Diesel and OMV (an Austrian brand) sell Maxx motion. I have used Ecto and its definately a better product than standard. Higher cetane (similar to octane in petrol) and cfpp,,better filtered, more additives, and less liable to foam up when filling. The Corsa 1.3cdti runs slightly better on it but no noticeable short term affect on the Yaris.- although probably benefits from prolonged use. It didnt used to cost much more but it now costs about 10% more than euro diesel so I have decided to use additives instead. (an occasional bottle of injector cleaner)
                  You have to be careful on continental europe to avoid getting Truck/TIR diesel Its also a pain as you now need special Eco stickers to enter many German cities and some French cities and regions. I have them for now but they are cracking down even more on diesels. So after 20 years running diesels my next car will probably be petrol.