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Charging system warning sign & engine oil pressure warning when not accelerating

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  • [Corsa D] Charging system warning sign & engine oil pressure warning when not accelerating

    Hi Guys,

    As the title says, I have a 59 plate corsa that usually runs fine. Today, out of nowhere, as I took my foot off the accelerator, the charging system warning sign & engine oil pressure warning lights (pictures attached) came on and I had no power whatsoever. I had to brake, turn the ignition off & restart the car to be able to accelerate again.

    This happened another 4 times throughout my journey. Always when I was slowing down with my foot off the acceleration.

    Iím going to take it to the garage as soon as, was just wondering if anyone could give a heads up on what it could be

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    As you haven't mentioned any 'expensive sounding' noises from the engine, it would seem that you haven't actually lost oil pressure (its still worth checking the oil level though, as you can't have oil pressure if there is no oil in the sump!)
    One possibility, is that the alternator stops charging, putting on the 'battery' sign.
    As long as the engine is turning, even if only through the momentum of the cat, you should still have oil pressure, but the natural instinct in situations like this, might be to 'dip' the clutch pedal and if the engine is unable to maintain rotation, then the oil light will come on.
    The slightly contradictory side to the above though, is the fact that there was sufficient charge in the battery to allow a re-start, possibly pointing to something simple, such as a poor electrical connection.
    It might be safer not to use the car until the garage can take a look at it for you.