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Squeaking in engine when accelerating, whats this part called?

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  • [Corsa D] Squeaking in engine when accelerating, whats this part called?

    For a few days ive had a Squeaking noise inside the engine only when im accelerating, a mechanic said the part has snapped, He has never seen it broken in his life and dont know what its called.
    please can someone help me. whats this part called and what does it do? The part moves 4 valves open and shut but now only 3 opens. Will anything happen to the engine if i dont fix it? Dont know how it snapped. See my pics please. Car is a Corsa d 1.4 2010.

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    It's the actuator solenoid for the swirl flaps, in the inlet manifold. When you press the throttle and increase speed , the solenoid pushes the rod ,which is fixed to the 4 swirl flaps in the inlet manifold which increases turbulence and inflow of air . The rods and levers are made of plastic, so if one of the flaps becomes stuck , the rod will break or pop off one of its joints. If you get someone to turn on the ignition for you and watch the solenoid it should close the flaps on start up . You might have to take the inlet manifold off to see the flaps and work them by hand .