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  • [Corsa E] Brakes at 50%

    Hello sorry probably wrong place wrong thread etc etc but a newbie first timer and just need help so please forgive me. Not finding this site easy to post in.
    i haave a 2016 (66 plate) corsa limited edition 1.4
    I have a service plan and my second serice is due. I recently had to take the car into a different vauxhall garage (nearer to me than where the service plan garage is ) the car had a fault with the accelerator sensor which they repaired. They did a health check and told me the car has 50% front brakes . Ive done approx 17,000 miles since new .
    Do the front brakes need replacing now ? I dont trust my service garage at all since the last service and i dont want them to rip me off . Which they will !
    thank you for your help

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    Hi welcome to forum. You've only used 50%, so you've another 50% to use . Give or take. and that's about right for 17k . Based on you're doing about 8.5 k a year .I'd say you got another year left on the brake pads .


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      Thank you for replying thats great news! . I find in the Vauxhall garage they try to frighten you into having repairs you dont quite need . And at this time of year I could well do without that .


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        Most car makers give a recommended minimum pad material thickness at which their dealers should replace pads during servicing.
        This figure is usually quite generous before it becomes a safety issue and allows for the possibility the car may not be serviced again for many miles.

        Main dealers tend to quote the percentage between the thickness of brand new pads, and ones that have reached the recommended (but not yet critical) replacement thickness. Not the percentage for ALL of the material. For instance , if new pads have say 20mm of lining material and Vauxhall recommend service replacement at say 10mm the main dealer will say pads are 50% worn at 15mm. This errs well on the side of caution.

        i agree with Restorer. Without wishing to encourage you to take any risks Its likely that you have at least another years use (assuming no change in mileage or driving style/conditions. )


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          Thank you for your reply and you have explained things brilliantly.
          I think i will most likely change the car within the next 6 months.


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            Welcome to the Forum.

            Unfortunately, 'posh' garages (including many main dealers) charge the earth for everything that they do and try to encourage you to have (perhaps) unnecessary work carried out, to the extent that they are often referred to as 'Main Stealer's' - All of those glossy showrooms and people with papers in their hand have to be paid for somehow.

            It is worth asking around your neighbours (or maybe your local 'Next Door' website) for a recommended garage, you might even be fortunate enough to find a Vauxhall Specialist - these are people who have usually been Vauxhall trained and have the specialised tools and equipment, but NOT the overheads of main dealers.

            Unfortunately, the motor trade has more than its fair share of 'cowboys' and it can be an expensive task to sort them out.
            Once you have found a good, honest garage, I would suggest that you stay with them, as building a relationship with them can be beneficial to you and to them.

            Happy new year