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63 Plate Limited Edition metallic rattle after accelerating

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  • [Corsa D] 63 Plate Limited Edition metallic rattle after accelerating

    Wondering if someone can help!?!?
    my 63 plate limited edition corsa has a sudden metallic rattle after accelerating and the gearstick moves uncontrollably when accelerating also. Can someone tell me if itís the gearbox or gear linkages and how much it should roughly cost for either!?!?

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    Welcome to the Forum.

    By 'sudden' do you mean that this has started 'all of a sudden'?
    I am wondering if this metallic rattle could be something as simple as a loose baffle in the exhaust silencer.

    The fact that the gear lever moves 'uncontrollably' during acceleration, COULD be down to an engine misfire rather than anything to do with the gearbox/linkage - for all that, it would do no harm to check the gearbox oil level and top up with the correct oil grade if low.

    If it is an engine fault rather than a gearbox problem, the chances are that there will be some fault codes stored in the system, so I would suggest that you have these read (preferably also have them cleared (deleted) and see if any return).
    Also, are there any warning lights showing on the instrument panel?

    If you decide to seek professional advice, I would suggest that you DO NOT mention suspecting the gearbox, or (depending on the garage) you could end up buying a gearbox that you don't actually require!

    Happy new year


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      I agree with Walksall,its best not to mention your 'worst case scenario' to a garage. Explain the symptoms as best you can but let them find the cause.

      If you immediately mention a 'new gearbox' they might ignore other possibilities (incompetence) or a cowboy may replace the gearbox knowing there is nothing wrong with it, because you are kind of reconciled to that possibility. .. You might get a previous customers gearbox, and the next customer needing a 'new gearbox' may get yours. Less likely but still possible is they wont replace the gearbox at all, just clean it up, repair the real cause, and charge you for a new gearbox.

      Is the uncontrollable movement of the gear lever really bad, or could it be you have only just discovered movement that was always there and quite normal?

      Its quite common for a gear lever to move a bit if you hold it during acceleration. Rubber engine and gearbox mounts allow for the engine/gearbox to twist and move a bit due to torque. You can feel this movement and its why some enthusiasts fit upgraded silicon mounting bushes. . Could a rubber engine or gearbox mount have become sloppy or damaged? Or a faulty cv joint etc might cause extra movement or vibration

      If a garage says you need a new gearbox it would be a good idea to get a couple of extra opinions and quotes.

      There are of websites that will get quotes from a number of local garages for a particular job. This is not a good recommendation, its better to find a garage that is genuinely well regarded locally, rather than those who have signed up to a 'find a trader' type web site. But it may give you an idea of the 'going rate' for the job.
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        It seems that Bugman and I are both on the same wavelength here.
        Many years ago, I applied for work at an engine and gearbox reconditioning workshop. To cut a long story short, I was offerd the job, but told that the price quoted to customers must NEVER be agheared to, instead, extra work MUST always be found (regardless of the actual need for it) this then boosted the amount charged to the customer.
        I was also told that I could sell my own car, as there was always a customers car that I could use, not only for travelling to and from work, but also, as cars often needed 'extented testing, it would allow me to use one for my anual holidays!!
        Needles to say that I declined the job, even though I was out of work at that particular time.
        This chap seemed to think that he was offering me the world on a plate, and no doubt someone eventually accepted an 'offer that they couldn't refuse', but for myself, I would rather sleep at night.