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  • [Corsa C] Oil light issue

    I am dreading the answers to this one..
    my oil light sometimes comes on at idle although not all the time. Maybe every 3 days or so.
    If I touch the accelerator it goes off but comes back again at idle.
    I have changed the sensor and thought it had sorted it but no luck.
    It did not do it when I bought the car last week but I did top the oil as it was low and I noticed it after that.
    The engine also seems noisy but it sounds more like the exhaust. Is here an easy way to check where the noise is from in the engine bay and how screwed is the car?

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    I'm guessing it is serious but could it be too thin an oil.. I did use whatever halfords computer told me too, to top up.

    I used mobil super 3000xe 5w30 to top up
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      Is it definitely topped up to the correct level? Check it first thing in a morning before you drive just to be certain. My vaucvauxvan used to do it when the level was low.
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        I am pretty sure it is.. it was bottom of the dipstick marker so I added a litre. It is now at the top, but I will double double check. It has been significantly colder here as well but I am not sure if that makes a difference if the oil is too thin.


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          An occasional oil light on tickover is not unusual on a higher mileage engine Not ideal but it could still last for many more thousands of miles without problems. Ideally get the oil pressure checked with an oil gauge used in place of the oil pressure switch. Corsa engines are not the quietest in class even at the best of times.

          An oil and filter change may improve things, as could a thicker grade of oil. Use an original equipment quality filter. Cheapo ones can cause problems.

          I think fully synthetic 5w-30 oil is overkill on a standard corsa C ,especially a top brand like mobil. It is better in cold weather, but only until the engine is warm , and may be the best choice on performance engines with a turbo. But semi synthetic 10w40 should be more than adequate for an older car, and even a budget brand will probably be better than the oil it left the factory with.

          Or even consider a 15w-40 mineral oil. They still market 20W -50 mineral oil as suitable for high mileage engines (and classic cars etc) but this may be a step too far.
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            Thanks bugman.changed the oil filter this morning and it sounds a lot better. When I get time I will change the oil and put another filter in.
            Will definitely try the 10w/40 this time.
            The old filter was collapsing.