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Engine mount / gearbox mount inserts

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  • [Corsa C] Engine mount / gearbox mount inserts

    HI All

    Has anyone fitted these mounts? Powerflex Bushes for Vauxhall / Opel Corsa C (2000-2006) i fancy the inserts but is it the inserts that wear more than the outer? therefore pointless if the outer mount is worn?

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      Hi welcome to the Forum

      major edit of my first post as no one else has yet responded.

      I have no experience of actual use so this is just my opinion.

      ​​​​​​I initially thought the insert must surely completely replace the rubber but using the original mounting brackets. But looking closely at GM part number 9227881/9227880 on google it looks like the rubber is bonded in and threaded. The insert probably 'plugs' into the gaps in the rubber, reinforcing it with additional PU . This would stiffen things up but as you suspect could still be vulnerable to sagging and deterioration of the remaining rubber.

      PU bushes are a good upgrade on suspension bushes giving a more taught ride and better handling. But the down side may be a harsher less comfortable ride. Harder engine mounts may control some twisting but could transmit more vibration and noise from the engine.

      Personally if the mounts are getting on a bit and saggy my first step would be to fit new standard rubber mounts. This may tighten things up enough for your needs. If not you can upgrade by fitting inserts, knowing the rubber part is new will probably last long enough.

      If the mounts are already still iin good condition and you want to upgrade then go ahead and see how it goes. Worse that can happen is you may later have to replace the entire rubber mount, but will still be able to upgrade by re using the pu insert .
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        I've never fitted them on a corsa . But changed them on a Shogun rear axle. You've got to remove all the internal parts, rubber inner sleeve, by cutting , burning. any way you can to remove the inner parts. Leaving the metal outer sleeve in situ. The new plastic bushes come in two parts . Pushing both parts in from opposite sides , then pushing the metal inner sleeve through. No need for press or washing-up liquid all done buy hand. The hardest bit is removing the rubber inside.