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corsa B w reg running badly

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  • [Corsa B] corsa B w reg running badly

    can anyone help..... my w reg corsa B, 1.2 16v, auto ticks over lovely, but when under pressure runs like a pig, now iv replaced the mass air fow sensor, coil pack, crank sensor, spark plugs, anyone have any clue what else it could be,

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    Welcome to the Forum.

    Your 'pig' running could be due to several things, some of which you have already eliminated.

    Rather than keep buying parts and hoping for a cure, it would be better to have any fault codes read, but even that could still throw you, as some of the codes (if any exist) could be 'historic', meaning that they have been there for some time, the original fault has been rectified, but the codes have not been cleared (deleted).
    The best method, is to have the codes read, making a note of any that show, clear these codes and drive the car for a while (a day or so) Now re-read the codes and any that show up now will almost certainly relate to your problem.

    Some faults don't throw up a code for themselves, but could well still show up. For example, a blocked fuel filter won't throw up a code, but you could have a code for possible weak mixture.

    It may also pay to have a compression test, as low compression pressure could also cause your problem.

    I have used the fuel filter only as an example above, but a (partially) blocked fuel filter would probably allow the engine to idle OK, but would restrict its performance under load.



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      forgot to add that fuel filter has been replaced also, also had dieo test done and it said maf and crank sensor problem so replaced them as well as the other bits, so i should have faults cleared to see if that helps maybe, thanks for the help, x