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SE 2013 Juddering when accelerating

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  • [Corsa D] SE 2013 Juddering when accelerating


    First of all, apologies if I don't make much sense at fkrst, I'm a total car noob.

    I have a 2013 Corsa SE 1.2 lt. Recently, the car has started juddering when I accelerate in lower gears. Usually when it does this, the engine management light flashes for a few seconds and disappears.

    The car starts up fine, and the problem only occurs when the engine is jot. For the first 30 minutes or so of driving, it runs perfectly. If I turn off the engine for a few minutes and drive again, it starts again.

    Asked a friend at work who said it could be faulty spark plugs or HT leads. However, wanted to ask on here for any advice. What could the issue be and is it fixable?


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    Welcome to the Forum.

    First of all, your friend could be half right, it COULD be a spark plug problem, but your car does not have HT leads, so that is one thing less to worry about.

    Commonly with problems like yours, it transpires that the car is due for a FULL service, so having a PROPER full service often cures the problem,as this would include fitting new spark plugs, and possibly also fuel filter.

    It would pay to have any 'fault codes' read to see if there is a definite fault showing - These codes are generated by the cars electronics when things go wrong, saving the cost of fitting unnecessary parts.
    The best method, is to read the codes, note any that show up, and 'clear' (delete) them. This is because codes COULD be 'historic' - meaning that the fault is no longer there, but the code hasne't been cleared. The car should then be run again for a while until the fault again raises its head, re read the codes and anything showing up will almost certainly point to the problem.

    Myself, I would first check on when the next service is due and if it is 'close' treat it to a FULL service.



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      You could have a slight miss fire and only notice it when the car is under load .ie driving up a hill. I would go along with what walksall suggested with having the car serviced first and see if that cures the problem. Try and get the car scanned if possible to see why the light came on . A possible cause could be your coil pack that temporary breaks down under load .


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        Thank you both for your advice. I'm looking to see where I can get a full service.

        In the meantime, is there anything worth checking myself first to see if I could replace a part?



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          If you don't have a TRUSTED garage yet, ask neighbour's and friends who they use. I am afraid that the motor trade has more than its fair share of cowboys, so it is vitally important to find someone who can not only be trusted to do a good job of work, but who won't charge you for things that don't really need doing.
          My advice would be, that once you have found a good garage (quite often the smaller ones are better than the main dealers) - stay with them and build up a relationship. If you can find a recommended local Vauxhall specialist, so much the better.

          With regards to checking things yourself, I would limit that to checking things such as electrical connections, as to buy parts that aren't going to improve things can become costly. As we have said, it would be better to scan for fault codes and then start putting things right. You COULD have a faulty temperature sensor, but without first checking for codes, I wouldn't bother changing it on the off chance - rather save your money and put it towards parts that you do need.



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            You could take the spark plugs out and check the condition of the tips, see if they're wet (fuel so no sparking properly etc) dry (good).
            Check the air filter and, if possible, shake any excess crud off it.

            They're probably the simplest things you could check
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              Been a while on this thread as took me a long time to organise a garage for a full service.

              Turns out it was the coil pack arcing slightly. They're replacing with a new one as well as new spark plugs as part of the service.

              Thanks for the advice all.


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                I'm glad that you have sorted the problem - and that it wasn't anything more serious/costly.
                If you feel happy with the garage (and they do seem to have done an honest job) I would suggest that you stay with them as I said previously.
                Thank you for letting us know the outcome, publishing the result may well help other people with similar problems.