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Lumpy acceleration and fuel economy

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  • Lumpy acceleration and fuel economy

    Hi im new to this site and not sure where i should be posting lol i have a question,i bought a corse 1.2 16v twinport last week.Ive put a cone air filter on,twin back box and some wolfrace 17s just to tidy it up abit. As this is my first corsa i was wondering if its normal for my car when i put foot flat down it feels like its choking up a bit on acceleration but if i reduce my throttle it picks up great,so im having to feed the throttle to match the speed im doing.The other thing is i put 20 quid in other day which gave me between quarter and half tank ive done 87 miles and almost on red.ive generally been doing 3 to 4 mile round trips thats all.Got no warning lights and ive plugged computer into car and no error codes.Just wondering what your guys thoughts are and is this normal for a car of this engine size? Many thanks

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    Mmmm.... thats approx 25 miles per gallon... I would take the cone air filter off and try the standard one. If that makes no difference I would check the spark plugs and see if the engine is showing signs of over fueling. how many miles has it done? - check the fuel filter and replace (good housekeeping anyway!) Failing that I would get a proper dio done at a good garage.
    I'm no expert but I do try and have a look before going to a Vauxhall stealer!!!


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      I agree with vx man. See if the plugs are black and sooty.

      But bear in mind that 3 -4 mile journeys ,starting from cold are not going to give great mpg at the best of times,especially in town. Only those who are VERY gentle on the throttle and greatly minimise the need for braking by good early anticipation can hope to get anywhere near manufacturers claimed mpg figures.

      At the risk of insulting you (and others) if one of your first actions was to put on a cone filter,back boxes etc then maybe your driving style tends more than you realise to 'enthusiastic' ,not 'economical'


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        You got service light or engine light on by chance


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          The best way to check on fuel consumption with any accuracy, is to fill the tank (until the pump cuts off) - Record the mileage. - Use the car in your normal driving style and on regular journey's, - When the gauge shows about half a tank, fill it again, noting how much fuel you have added. - Take the new mileage from the old one to give you distance travelled. - (To convert litres to gallons, multiply by 0.22) - Divide the distance travelled by the petrol used (in gallons) = Miles per gallons.
          You could carry out this check when the gauge has gone down to (say) 3/4 tank, but the further you drive, the more realistic and accurate the result will be.
          As VX Man says, swap the cone filter back to standard and see if there is any improvement. - If you really want to experiment, try the above consumption check with (a) Standard filter and then (b) Cone filter.

          When you fitted the cone filter, did you retain the Air Mass Meter?