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Corsa 1.7 CDTi SRi - Car Stalling...

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  • Corsa 1.7 CDTi SRi - Car Stalling...


    I have returned with another issue and looking for some help thanks.

    My current issue started with a P0299 error (underboost) issue along with the limp mode problem which after reading online forums it lead me to cleaning out my EGR valve however in putting the EGR back in the car started stalling as soon as it started (this was actually after a few short drives where the power was just draining) and eventually to the point where it stalls now, the revs will simply die off. So I removed the EGR valve and had to just redirect the exhaust gasses from the EGR cooler as best I could as I couldn't blank the pipe without perhaps welding it but wouldn't you know the car starts working again with out any EGR valve but it still has the powertrain underboost problem plus limp mode.

    So I bought a new EGR valve and fitted but it still has the same issue where after a few turns it will fire up then proceed to die out.

    I also noticed that when the engine dies I think the exhaust gasses are coming back through the system as I can see/smell exhaust gasses in the air intake/air filter pipe so something is certainty not doing its job of course as stated above removing the EGR will make it run, perhaps like the gasses are being trapped somewhere and I have feeling that having the EGR on and a blanking plate possibly with the hole in it like I have seen at the inlet will perhaps make it run without having the gasses coming the engine bay)

    Thanks in advance for any help with the above.

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    I had a thought while sitting in the car... I think it has to do with exhaust gasses not getting out or getting blocked this is based on the fact if I remove the EGR valve the gasses can flow freely but of course all inside the engine bay but none the less it will run however with the EGR on the gasses might be getting blocked somewhere and NOT getting out the proper path causing the gasses to come back through and out the air filter for some strange reason of course since the turbo is part of the exhaust system it could be turbo related or a valve of some sort.

    If anyone has an opinion of the above thought just let me know, thanks.
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      Problem fixed. The exhaust gas was getting blocked due to a rock solid DPF hence why the engine ran when it could escape via the EGR anway got it cleaned and it runs like a champ now.


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        Glad you got it sorted . Thanks for posting an update always nice to know what the cause was .